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This book contains some sexual and explicit scenes that are not suitable for very young readers. The sex scenes are between two consenting adult women, so if this makes you uncomfortable, read no further.


A U T H O R ' S   N O T E

Dear You,

This is the first book of a series I have yet to name. Just to clarify a few things in this book, weight loss is absolutely possible to do in a year, because I've done it before. Another thing is this controversial statement that many of my reviewers have said regarding the perspective of one of my characters here. I'd like to just remind you that my characters are inherently human and not at all as picture-perfect as I paint them to be. They're bound to fall through the looks first, or be attracted to each other because of their physical bodies. Not everyone is as perfect as to fall in love with the soul right away and completely disregard the physical features. I tried to make my characters as humanly flawed as possible without making it look like they're too evil. It's called being human.

Again, this is a lesbian book, so if you are offended, feel free not to read any further.

With all my love,


By the way, I made chapter 13 private because of the sex scene there and now I can't get it back to public. You have to follow me to see it AND your age on your account must say that you're at least 17 years old: it's rated mature. I'm so sorry for the inconvenience!!

Don't forget to comment and vote! Ciao.


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