[Author's Note] Strongly resisting the urge to skip past this banquet part as I'm nearing what you might call a semi climax of the story. But as those of you who've read The Entertainment know, every part of this story is important, because even the simplest of scenes holds a key to help you figure out the greater puzzle behind the plot in my stories. If you are confused about something at this point, please do let me know, chances are however that answer will be revealed in time; or you aren't picking up all the clues I leave in my writing. Either way, all mysteries will be revealed.

I did not receive any feedback as far as the plot of this story goes. Is it too confusing, is there not enough action, does it still make you want to keep reading. Are the characters engaging, and what are your impressions of those like Princess Guinevere, Gregory Winters, and even Benedict Rowan. I realize you're still becoming familiar with their quirks and personalities – but would still enjoy hearing your thoughts. Thanks as always.

This weary writer.

Veil of Deceit © 2012 by SheaRyhai


Robin watched in surprise as the young man she'd met briefly that morning, Lord Benedict Rowan, stood up to greet Charlotte with a familiar kiss on the cheek. Charlotte scolded him with a playful glare, before turning to introduce him to Robin.

“Ahh, the Champion, a pleasure,” Benedict tilted his head respectfully, doubling Robin's curiosity. “Please do not lump me in with Gregory Winters after this morning. I assure you my intentions were purely to prevent an unfair fight.”

Robin scoffed, but smiled and accepted Benedict’s offered hand. The Lord turned Robin's wrist to examine his palm.

“I say, you have the feel of a swordsman, but what tiny hands,” Benedict murmured.

Robin jerked his palm away, flushing angrily. Around them the bustle of servants, melody of the minstrels instruments, and merriment of the lords and ladies filled the room in a happy buzz.

“Ben, please. He can hardly help his youth,” Charlotte scolded protectively. Benedict smiled apologetically, and held out an arm to her.

“I've been blessed tonight to have a seat near you and Prince Justice,” he explained. “Robin, I believe you are seated next to Princess Guinevere.”

“Thank you,” Robin managed tensely, watching reluctantly as Charlotte followed Benedict towards the head of the table, shaped in a half-rectangle form. Four seats marked the head and center of the table. The King and Queen took up the middle, flanked by Prince Justice next to the king, and Master Rulf next to the queen. On the opposite side, Gregory faced the prince, next to his father who faced the king; and Princess Guinevere seated before the Queen, an empty seat next to her that faced Rulf.

Relieved to be seated by people he knew Robin circled around to the center, dodging gracefully out of the way when a taller steward nearly took his head off with a tray of drinks.

“My apologies young sir,” the steward murmured, clearly more preoccupied with his swaying drinks. Taking his seat quickly, Robin kept his eyes on his plate, hoping to pass the evening with no more comments as to his age, height, or small hands.

A pastel pink sleeve dipped into his sight as Princess Guinevere poured him a drink of honeyed tea.

“You must drink my Lord,” she murmured gently, smiling at him when he finally raised his gaze. “This is a banquet, and strong boys such as yourself are always in need of food.”

All his frustration melted away in surprised recognition, and Robin picked up his glass, grateful for her kindness.

~ * ~ ~ * ~ ~ * ~ ~ * ~