Chapter 2 Memories

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Rowan fell limp in my arms, the blood splattered on my face and torso. Tears rolled down my cheeks as some humans ran around screaming about something called 911.

I stood up and layed Rowan down on a near-by table. Tears continuously ran down my face. I took one last look at the now limp, lifeless body of my friend Rowan. I walked out of the cafe and walked down the street.

Rain was coming down really heavy now just like my tears. I ignored it and kept walking to nowhere. I made no noise as i made my way to a field but, when i got there all that was left was a small sapling broken in half.

My eyes widened and i sunk to the ground in despair, everything I loved was taken from me and ripped apart.

All of the trees my friends destroyed and killed just for the own satisfaction of human kind.

Then it hit me, what happened to the other person i could trust, where did he go. I dug my hands into the soil and scenes flashed before my eyes:

He walked out of a tree and moved some of his black hair away from his eyes and stretched. 

Suddenly a net was thrown over him. Caught off guard he didn't have enough time to see that there were people waiting by the tree.

He struggled in the net but he couldn't break free, he yelled curses at the men holding him in the net. 

He then shouted, 'Ivy when you wake up make sure no one is following you and if try to find anyone to help you!!!! Please help all of the tree spirits before we all die or get experimented on!!' 

Tears rolled down his cheeks as he thought over his fate in the hands of these men.

The scenes then disappeared, Tears ran down even faster and harder before. "M-Marshal.." i stuttered,"what did they do to you," 

I sank into the dirt and cried until  i fell asleep.

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