Chapter 42

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After what had felt like the longest shift, Connie traipsed into her home feeling the warmth instantly surround her. She pushed the front door to gently before placing her keys down to the table.

Letting a small smile pass her lips she strolled forwards through the hallway coming into the kitchen. Taking her phone out of her pocket she put it on the counter before pulling the fridge open and taking out the bottle of wine.

Switching the radio on, she turned it down so it played quietly in the background as she poured herself a glass. Humming along to the song she took a long drink from her glass before hearing a knock come from the front door.

Glancing to her phone she saw no calls or messages before walking back along the corridor and pulling the front door open. "Glass of wine?" Connie smirked as he held up a bottle with a smile before she stepped back from the door allowing him inside. "Beaten you to it..." Connie passed him in the hallway before Sam caught hold of her hand turning her back to face him. The arch of her brow warned him off as they stood opposite one another.

Connie looked up at him before smiling gently. "Did you want a glass or not?" "Well I won't say no." She smirked taking the bottle of wine from him standing it on the side while she grabbed another glass from the cupboard. Sam folded his arms leaning forwards on the kitchen counter watching her.

"Have you been home long?" "About ten minutes-" "Con you finished three hours ago." She sighed shrugging as he continued to watch her. "Being in charge of a department means you don't exactly get to walk out when you'd like to." "You look shattered... How about you go get changed and I'll pour my own glass?"

Connie sighed as Sam walked around to her side of the counter. "Or I'll just drink yours-" He reached forwards for her glass causing her to spin round to him. He begun to drink it as she tried reaching for it before he wrapped an arm around her waist. "Get your own! Sam!" She couldn't help but laugh as he smiled continuing to drink her wine.

"I hate you-" "Mhm, not true..." She kept a straight face as he smiled to her placing the glass on the side behind them. Connie's hands pressed against his chest as he slowly let his hand move to her waist while the other was still wrapped around her. "I think it's quite the opposite really-" "Don't flatter yourself Mr Strachan."

Sam watched her with a coy smile before nodding towards the stairs. "Go get changed, I'll pour us another drink." Slipping from his grasp she reluctantly moved upstairs while Sam stepped closer to the counter pouring them each a glass of wine.

Connie got changed, checking her appearance once over in the mirror before returning downstairs. Sam was standing in the living room glancing from the window, his back to her as she watched him quietly. Releasing a breath, she stepped across the room to where he stood and carefully wound her arms around his waist.

Laying her head to his back she felt his hands move over hers, taking hold of them. Connie closed her eyes for a moment before he turned in her arms to look down at her. "Time for that conversation?" He lifted his hands to her cheeks causing her to lift her gaze back to him. "I won't push you..."

She nodded gently as he leaned closer pushing a kiss to her forehead. Inhaling deeply she took hold of his hand lacing her fingers through his. Sitting down on the sofa, Sam watched her wander to the kitchen picking up their glasses before returning. Holding one out to him his fingers brushed over hers lightly as they transferred the glass from one to the other.

Connie lifted her legs as she sat down on the sofa, his eyes quickly falling over her attire before he reattached his eyes to hers seeing them drop. "How's work been?" "Stressful... Hansen wants a load of reports done but complains when I'm not performing surgeries. What does he expect me to do? Leave you in charge of theatre because trust me I couldn't think of anything worse." "Thanks for the vote of no confidence."

She smirked as he rolled his eyes, dropping her head backwards she groaned thinking of work. "Emma home yet?" "I ended things with her, said it wasn't working..."

Connie sat herself up, her face changing as she took in his words. "When? Sam why didn't you tell me-" "We weren't exactly on talking terms. It's fine Con, its working. Emma's still around and we're getting along better. Now how about you explain why you've suddenly stopped going away on conferences but Greg barely seems to be in the hospital anymore."

Connie ran her finger around the top of her glass before flicking her hair over her shoulder. "He's been retraining and getting further experience... Soon enough there's going to be a better offer than Holby and I don't know what I do when that happens."

He could see the sparkle of tears within her eyes that she desperately fought. "Hey, he won't leave you-" "Maybe not but can I leave you? God Sam I shouldn't be thinking it, but I couldn't leave this place... Everything that could have been."

Shuffling forwards Sam lay a hand to her thigh. "You're not going anywhere, nothing has happened and you don't know that it will." She arched her brow causing him to roll his eyes. "When am I ever wrong?" He shook his head looking to her. "That's beside the point... He loves you, and you clearly do him otherwise we wouldn't be discussing this-" "And what if I said I think I'm in love with you?"

The words dropped effortlessly from her lips as Sam struggled to comprehend them. "I'd say you were insane Connie Beauchamp, but I'd say the feelings mutual." Lifting his hand, he brushed her hair back from her cheeks before settling it against her skin gently.

She kept her eyes on his as he caressed her cheek, both frozen for a few minutes as they took the time to take in what the other had said. Sam was the one to break their trance as he closed the space between them to push his lips against hers. Connie lifted her free hand to his shoulder as she responded to him.

Parting, she looked to him as he tucked her hair behind her ear. "I don't want to say it, but you need to choose Connie." "I know..." Keeping her eyes shut she rest her forehead against his feeling his fingers running through her hair carefully. "Do you know what I miss most?" "Hmm?" "The way you are with me when no one else is around."

Lifting her head she saw the smile returning to his face. "You mean treating you with the respect you deserve? Doing the simple things that people take for granted? Making sure that you're okay even when you try to keep your distance?" Nodding with a small smile, Sam reached an arm around her shoulders. "I do it because I care, and because I love you."

Connie leant into his side resting her head to his chest as she became comfortable. "Will you stay tonight?" "Of course..." Placing a kiss to the top of her head she smiled briefly before cuddling into his side further.

It had been quiet for about an hour as they watched the TV quietly. Both lay half asleep on the sofa wrapped up with one another still. "Sam?" He opened his eyes a little more to see her lift her head from where it were laying. "I love you." He smiled slowly as she watched him. He knew she wasn't for one exchanging those words, he had never heard her say them before now.

Running a hand through her hair again she pressed her lips to his gradually sitting herself up until she straddled his legs. Sam wrapped his arms around her waist as she looped hers over his shoulders. In that moment, everything made sense in her world and she knew what it was that she wanted. But it was only a matter of time until things would become confused again.

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