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Pen Your Pride

Chapter 5

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Chapter 5- Luke's POV 

The conference room was filled with chaos as men snarled at one another, argued, and as far as Luke could tell, simply acted like children. With one glance to his right where his uncle sat, Luke received a nod of approval from the current Alpha before standing. 

"Silence!" Luke snarled with the power only a former, present, or soon to be Alpha could hold. Immediatly, every man froze before slowly taking their seats with eyes kept low in submission. "Now that you all are done behaving like children, maybe we can get some work done," Luke sneered before taking his seat. 

"As we were trying to discuss," Luke watched his uncle begin, "the human girl from the Blue Midnight Village was not killed due to her connection with Luke." As protests began to erupt once more, the current Alpha gave one low growl before continuing.

"Need I remind you he is your future Alpha? Also,  I do realize these villages were ruthless in their attack years ago, but do we wish to match such ruthlessness? Perhaps in some ways, but killing this girl will only harm ourselves," he finished but Luke quickly stood up in defiance.

He makes me sound weak, Luke thought with rage. I don't need that girl, I just simply felt like keeping her since and as future Alpha my action shouldn't be questioned, Luke thought to himself before voicing such opinions. Of course, Luke could see few truly believe his words and even he did not, but all remained silent. 

"Now we will keep patrols running as usual, matching the patrols of the villages," the Alpha commanded, "Bring any more 'offerings' back here and we shall take care of them before leaving them at their villages front doors." Sadistic grins broke out among the men before they nodded in understanding and filed out to their assigned duties. 

"I have sent someone to escort your-, well the girl, to the west dinning room," the Alpha directed towards Luke and he nodded. Something, however, felt wrong and Luke excused himself before quickly making his way back to his room rather than the dining room. Slamming the door open, Luke felt rage build up inside of him at the scene before him. 

Dakota Forest, a book only given to the possession of Alphas to record history, plans, and so forth lay strew on the floor. Nearby lay the shards of a lamp and the crumpled form of one of the pack members. Letting loose a low snarl as he realized she must have escaped, Luke jerked the boy up by the collar and shook him roughly awake. 

"You," Luke began and he felt his eyes glow with the intensity of his anger, "You let her escape! What happened? Where is she?" 

The boy trembled before casting his eyes down and practically whimpered, "I- I was just coming in to fetch her to the dinning room for you but when I came in, I didn't see her at first. When I finally spotted her over there," he pointed to where the book lay,"she attacked me with it before knocking me out with a lamp." Luke was not sure if he was proud or furious at the girl and he clenched his fists tighter on the boy bringing out a yelp. 

""I-I'm so sorry Alpha, I should have been more prepared and strong, but-but I just," he pleaded before Luke snorted, unamused, and dumped him on the ground. 

"Clean this mess up and I will deal with you later," Luke growled before following the intoxicating scent that could only be the girl down the hallway. When I find you, you're going to regret this move, Luke thought with a grin as he followed her trail easily.

Nadia's POV 

Sitting on the bar-stool Ty had directed her to, Nadia attempted to wrap her mind around this change in events. Ty was easily searching through the kitchen for different items and cooking something Nadia couldn't see. The difference between Luke's cold demeanour and Ty's happy go lucky attitude had Nadia's mind spinning.

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