Merry Christmas

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Lucy's POV
All:Merry Christmas
Natsu:Lucy I got you a gift
Lucy gasped
Lucy:A puppy!Natsu how did you get this?
Natsu:I found it in a pet shoppe it so cute and it reminded me of you.
Lucy blushing
Lucy:Thank you Natsu😊😊.
Juvia's POV
Gray stripping
Gray:Oh hi Juvia.😐
        Merry Christmas.
Juvia:I have a gift for you Gray-sama.😍😍😍
Gray:What is it?
Gray:A scarf is it hand-knitted Juvia.🤔🤔
Juvia: Yasss!!Do you like it?
Gray:Yeah!You're good at knitting Juvia I'm surprised.
Erza:Je-jellal.Why are you here I thought you were in Australia?
Jellel: I couldn't miss Christmas with my best friend.
All:Aaaawwwwwwwwww.So cute.
Erza:Thank you for not missing Christmas.
Jellal:It's okay.
Gajeel's POV
Levy:Merry Christmas Gajeel.
Gajeel:Merry Christmas too Levy.
Levy: Sooo what will you do know?
Wendy's POV
Carla:Merry Christmas child.
Wendy:Merry Christmas Carla.
Carla:You hungry?
Carla:Everyone let's eat!
Natsu:I'm so hungry.
Gray:I'm more hungry than you flame brain!😤😤😤
Natsu:Yeah huh?
Gray:Yeah you got a problem?Huhhh!
Gray and Natsu fighting.
Erza:Stop fighting!
Natsu:Aye sir!
Erza:Stop wacky ring dummies!
Natsu and Gray:Sorry Erza.😔😔
Lucy faints
Natsu:Lucy wake up Lucy!!!!!!!
Lucy brought to the hospital 😱😱😱😭😭😭😭
Lucy was awake and is going to be cured at America.
Natsu:No she is not going elsewhere!She's staying here here only nowhere else.
Doctor:I'm sorry but if she doesn't go there she might die.
Natsu:She isn't going to die she's gonna live I'm nothing without her.
Erza:Natsu let's go already you're not supposed to be here
Natsu:What about Lucy?
Erza:She'll be fine.
Lucy leaving Natsu isn't there he was crying in his room and he changed to a terrible person like a monster he destroyed everything everyone worked on he owned it all while Lucy recovering in America

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