Ciara bravo jack griffo obviously in love

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"Cut that's a rap" says the director as they finish taking the last scene of jinxed. Ciara and jack go to the break room. Great job out there jack says. "Thanks" says Ciara. They sit there for a minute it's really weird between them two. After the kissing scene jack developed feelings for ciara he leans in for a kiss boom the door opens a bunch of people come running ing in they are happy they finished the movie. Jack never got to for fill what he was going for a kiss a real kiss from Ciara. Then they both left they got pushed around by extras and a lot of other people a supply closet door was open they ran inside to stop getting pushed around somebody didn't realize they were in there and locked the door.

Chapter one
Ciara "Jack we are locked in there is no way to get out."would that be so bad". Yes we don't have food or water" her voice trailed off. What hello Ciara what is it."there's food and water look." Great I am starving" says Jack. So they warmed up some pizza In a microwave and they ate in till they were stuffed "let's go to sleep" says Ciara they get blankets and pillows and jack finally makes his move he kisses Ciara later they found out they had been kissing for 7 minutes strait and they also found out that they were French kissing finally Ciara pulled away. "See you in the morning" says Ciara."yeah" says Jack. Ciara moves closer to jack and they both fall asleep.

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