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prologue —— sleepover to remember

          BELLA couldn't help but laugh at her friends as they passed around a glass of alcohol that Hanna brought

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BELLA couldn't help but laugh at her friends as they passed around a glass of alcohol that Hanna brought. The five girls sat in Spencer's barn as they waited for the ringleader of their group to show up.

          Just as Spencer went to take a sip of the beverage the lights of the barn went off. "Whoa what happened?" Hanna asked as the girls turned on their flashlights, and Spencer lit the candles.

          "Must be the storm." Spencer reassured the three as she picked up her flashlight.

          Though it didn't have the effect she wanted as the five heard the floorboards creak and the barn door open. "Guys." Hanna whispered in fear as all five of the girls stood up, facing the door.

          The girls stood huddled together as the faces the door. "Who's there?" Aria called out as she pointed her flashlight at the door.

          Bella broke away from from her group of friends and slowly made her way towards the barn door.

          "Bell?!" Hanna pulled her back in worry.

          "Don't worry. It's Rosewood. What's the worst that can happen?" She reassured the worried blonde as she slowly made her way towards the door the girls following slightly behind. Though once she was close enough to the door Alison jumped out from behind it, scaring all of them.

          "That was so not funny, Ali." Bella told her as they all walked back to where they were sitting.

          "Well, I thought it was hilarious, girls." Alison replied as they all started laughing.

          "Ali, did you download the new Beyoncé?" Hanna asked the leader of their group as she sat down.

          "Not yet." Alison groaned as she took a seat next to Bella.

          "I'm loving her new video." Emily confessed as she she sat down as well.

          "Maybe a little too much, Em." Alison joked, earning a nudge from Bella telling her to cool it as she was the only one in the room who know it wasn't just a joke. Bella took a sip from the glass as Spencer gave it her, before she passed it to Alison. "Your turn." Alison teased as she passed it to Aria who took a sip.

          "Careful Aria." Spencer warned jokingly. "Drink to much and you'll tell us all your secrets." Spencer finished making the other two girls laugh.

          "Friends share secrets. That's what makes us close." Alison told her friends one of the statements she has always said, before she turned back to Aria. "Drink up."

          "Bella. Hey wake up." Aria whispered as she woke up her friend who was lying next to her, before moving to Emily and Hanna who were on the couch.

          "Mmm." Bella hummed sleepily as she's at up and stretched, her body not used to sleeping on the floor.

          "Where's Ali and Spencer?" Hanna asked as she looked around and couldn't see the two. Making the other three girls look around as well.

          "I don't know." Aria answered as she was the first one to wake up.

          "They couldn't have gone far." Bella stated as she got up and walked towards the door. "Ali! Spence!" She called out as she saw a figure walking towards her.

          "She's gone." The voice Bella known to be Spencer's called back as the two met at the door.

          "What do you mean she's gone?" Aria asked from behind Bella.

          "I've looked everywhere for her." Spencer told the two girls. "I think I heard her scream."

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