The Following Day

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When morning arrives, I wake up first. Sasuke is still out cold. I don't bother shaking him into consciousness. When I go downstairs, my parents are sitting in the kitchen.

"What time did you guys get home last night?" I ask them.

"Around midnight," Dad says.

"You were already fast asleep," Mom adds.

"Yeah," I nod. "Sasuke stayed the night. Sakura brought him over."

"We know," Mom admits. "We saw him when we went to check on you. Is everything all right?"

"I think so," I murmur. "But it was a pretty strange night..."

"What happened?" Dad pries.

"A lot of arguing between Sasuke and Sakura and some arguing between Sasuke and me," I tell them, shaking my head as I recall the previous night's events. "There was crying, fighting... lots of anger. It was pretty stupid."

"You and Sakura are okay?" he asks.

I nod. "I'm over it... and I think she's learned a lot this year. At least, it seems like she has. She's more reasonable."

"Well, that's good," Mom adds.

I nod again, grabbing a banana eating it quickly. My parents don't ask any more questions and for that, I'm kind of thankful. Shortly after, I go back upstairs. By now, Sasuke is awake.

"Hey," I greet him.

"Mm," he murmurs in response, sitting up.

"How do you feel?" I ask.

"Fine," he answers carelessly.

"Are you hungry?"

He shakes his head. "Sorry about last night," he murmurs. "I egged you on... I was being stupid."

"It's okay," I promise. "I'm the one who couldn't keep my mouth shut. Sorry about that."

He shrugs, mumbling, "I know you can't keep secrets for shit. I said some shit, too. S'fine."

It's not, but I won't bring it up again unless he wants to yell at me for it later. Instead, I offhandedly add, "Sakura thinks you're a dildo."

"I don't care what she thinks," he says.

"I think you do," I say. The tears on his face last night made it obvious that he cares at least a little bit. "I think you care about a lot of things you're not willing to admit to."

"Whatever," he murmurs.

I just shrug. "I tried telling her that you were just being a dick on purpose, trying to get a rise out of me... but she didn't really believe me. You've tarnished your reputation in her eyes."

"No big loss," he snorts. "At least not she'll stop chasing me."

"You should try to befriend her," I suggest.

He laughs in disbelief. "Not going to happen, Naruto. Your friends don't like me. Kiba especially."

"Kiba doesn't not like you," I tell him honestly. "I think he mostly pities you. I know you don't want to hear that, but it's true. Plus, Kiba has a pretty big mouth. He can't censor himself. He says mean things sometimes, but he doesn't mean much harm by it."

"Lovely," Sasuke mutters before dismissing the comment. "But oh well. I can be insensitive as well. I was kind of like that last night... I just said and did whatever I wanted. I was impulsive."

"Well... you were high," I reason.

"Still..." he sighs. "That shouldn't be an excuse, should it?"

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