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I woke up with the sun shinning on my face.I yawn before grabbing my phone looking at the alarm clock. I got out of my bed and walked over to the bathroom stripping out of my clothes in the process. I turned the water on hot before getting in.

Twenty minutes later I'm finished washing up everything . I get out of the shower and wrap my hair in a bun while I dry off. I get dress which is black pencil skirt and a white crop top sweater and don't forget my white converse. I go back in the bathroom to dry my hair. Since I have lots of time I flat iron my hair straight. I go downstairs to see my mom at the table drinking coffee.

"Good morning Athena, your up early for a Monday." She says while putting her cup down.

"Yeah I had lots of sleep yesterday, when did you get in last night?"She got up and walked towards the stove.

"Um...about eleven thirty." She says as she was taking out eggs and cracking them. I walked to the refrigerator to get a water bottle.

"That's weird usually on Sunday's you get home at ten, where did you go?". I looked towards her after pulling my water out the refrigerator she stiffened as if she was caught. She was hiding something.

"Oh um I went into town with some co-workers to get a bite to eat." She turned around and poured the egg mixture into the hot pan.

I stood there against the counter watching my mom cook the eggs as it was the most interesting thing in the world. She was hiding something and I'm going to find out what.

After a few minutes the eggs was done, she put them on a plate and handed it to me, I took them and started eating while she left the kitchen without another word. I ate my eggs before checking the time , I ran upstairs and brushed my teeth saying bye to my mom and heading out the door with my bags and keys to the jeep.



I made it school on time with 10 minutes to spare. I was now standing against my car on my phone.

"Hey girl." I look up and see Jasmine, Hazel, and Leah walking towards me with huge grins.

Why is everyone so happy today.

"Hey...oh that party Friday was amazing." I said to the girls tucking my phone away.

"I know right, afterwards we had to clean the whole house before my parents got home, they would of loss their heads." Leah says.

I look towards Jasmine and remembered her being crazy drunk and she was getting mad at the keys because it wouldn't listen to her.

"Jasmine I heard you was crazy drunk and making out with a hot guy, who knew you where such a party girl." I said in a teasing tone. She flushed red while smiling.

"Yeah I have to admit that party was legit fun, and I had a good time, maybe a little to good of a time." We all laughed as the bell rang signaling us class has started.

First period was a drag, I just kept thinking about next period with Kaden. I guess time wasn't on my side today because before I know it the bell rang ending first period.

I walk to my first period class and totally blanked out thinking how am I going to talk to him without dying from embarrassment if he brings up what I said yesterday.

What if he just laughs right in my face

It's time for second period which is English. I walk in and go to sit in my seat which is in the back of the class. I let out a breath I didn't know I was holding seeing Kaden wasn't here yet. I quickly walk to my seat pulling out my phone scrolling through Instagram waiting for class to start. I guess I was too into scrolling through Instagram because soon  I felt someone sit bedside me and judging by his mouth watering smell it was Kaden.

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