Part Twenty Two

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Phil hasn't spoken to Dan since they left London. Dan was on the verge of tears. He didn't know what he had done, but he believed this was all his fault. Everything seemed to be my fault. He just want to know what he did. But he wouldn't be able to figure that out, because someone, wouldn't fucking tell me. And now he was pissed off at both Phil and himself. Dan and Phil got out of the Uber and knocked on Thomas' door. When the door opened, they were greeted by a squealing guy in glasses, with a cardigan wrapped around his shoulders.

Dan took a closer look before realizing who it was. 'No. Fucking. Way.' he thought. "Hello, oh my god, hello!" Patton squealed. "You're an actual being?!" Dan didn't know if he had made statement or asked a question. "Technically no, but yes." A voice says.
"Patton! Move out of the way so they can come in! Don't forget your manners!" Another voice scolded. Morality moved, "sorry..." He mumbled.
"Tsk! Stop fanboying, and maybe you'd realize how rude you were being!" Anxiety scolded. Morality scoffed and pouted, which caused Dan to let out a small chuckle. Anxiety had always been Dan's favorite emotion or figure or whatever they are. "Hello guys! Anything I can get you?" Thomas asked upon entering the room. "No thank you!" The two guests spoke in unison.
"Alright, Roman show them to their rooms." Thomas said happily. "Okay!!!" Roman answered enthusiastically, causing Phil to chuckle. Roman grabbed there bags, and told them to follow him.
Once shown there rooms they both went to sleep. Jet lag is a real bitch.

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