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The something great trilogy is honestly the best fanfic I have ever read...the only reason I have Wattpad is to read this. The story is captivating and takes you on a rollercoaster of the start of a chapter you are smiling and by the end you could be crying and screaming for just one more chapter to see what happens next...the cast is amazing harry is written up so well and so true to himself and I've fallen in love with demi her character is the definition of GOALS and everything I want to grow up to be...they are perfect together I'm obsessed with the edits as well the book makes you fall in love with the idea of them...this book changes your life with its life lessons and words of wisdom I'm honestly so happy to have this in my life.


The trilogy is one of the most beautiful fanfics I've ever read. It's the kind of story that has humor, romance, and drama plus the life lessons that go with the situations the characters experience. It's also the kind of story that leaves you thinking: "What happens next? I need to know now." While I was reading, I told myself repeatedly, "one last chapter." But with this book, "one last chapter," is easier to say than to do. 

-Arabella Gabling

This trilogy it's amazing. It makes us feel every emotion that exists and makes us want to read more and more every time. It's written so good, and I appreciate a lot the time that Jen (you, the author) spends describing each moment and each feeling. I really love how the characters have changed a long the series (for good) and how their story seems so real. Love the vocabulary, the plot twists, the chapters (because they aren't too long nor too short), the passion that Jen (you, the author) transmits us with every word. I really love the series and since the beginning I've always said (to you by messages) that it should be published. I really love it and I can't wait to see how it ends.


I have started reading the something great series since the beginning of last year and here I am now reading the third book of the series. Whenever friends ask me for books to read I always recommend the something great series. I love these books and it's written very well. I've read lots of books where the same things happen in every book. The something infinite book will bring joy, happiness, determination, sadness, fearfulness and love. You will always leave a chapter thinking about what will happen next and you just never know until you read the next chapter. You never know when something might go wrong. These books are amazing and I promise you will love it!


The Something Great trilogy is so beautifully written, there is something for everyone. Each book is as enthralling as the last, you are guaranteed to experience every emotion as you keep up with the relationships and friendships of the well loved characters. You will laugh, cry and almost definitely want to shout at them! These books have got me through some extremely tough times, there is advice given throughout that almost everyone could relate to in one way or another. If you feel like you need to get away from the real world for a while, have a read and you'll be transported to the Something Great world! I absolutely adore these books and I'm sure you will too.


This trilogy is one of the most eloquently written series on Wattpad. Every single word has so much meaning and emotion, and it all tells a story. It tells a story like no other, where you can relate to a lot of the themes/messages. I am so lucky I stumbled upon this book because it actually changed my life for the better. It's an amazing feeling to feel that you know the characters so much that you can connect with them, even through a screen. I would consider the readers and Jen to be a family, and this is the best family that I couldn't be more blessed to be apart of.


The Something Great Trilogy is truly a whirl wind of emotions, in a good way. You're in one mood for a while, but then she throws something at you and it will either make a laugh uncontrollably, or burst into tears. It is a beautiful piece of art that I am happy to have studied religiously . It is a trilogy that you can reread over, and over, and over, again and find something new every time. I consider myself to be lucky enough to become a member of this hilarious family and to have genuine conversation with people who don't even know what I look like! The Something Great Trilogy has truly changed my life for he better


The something great trilogy are literally the best books I have ever read !! I have never been so in love with a series and actually finish the whole entire book more then once. To have two of my favourite celebrities featured in a book that's so amazing, loving and just perfect is just simply amazing !! The author of this amazing trilogy is also the most amazingest writer !! I have never been invested intosomething this much before in my life especially a book. These books teach you so many life lesson that I will forever hold with me !!

- Kirstin

This series is incredible realistic and manages to be heartbreaking and heartwarming at the same time. It will take you on a journey, one of those that you wish would last forever, and you will not only fall in love with the main characters, but you will learn to love every aspect of relationships, even the darkest bits, as they all make the best moments shine so much brighter.

-Inga H. N.

I absolutely love the something great trilogy. It feels like such a realistic story and it's so well written!! It makes you care about the characters and get invested in the story. Every chapter is like a happy break from reality, reading about the life of Jarry and their family and friends. I love that it has ups, down, love, heartbreak, family and feels like we get a glimpse inside Harry's world, even if it's not reality. It shows so many real elements of life and just gets you hooked! You always want to know what'll happen next! Great series by a very talented and great author

-Maxine. F

This trilogy is incredible! It has mixed with my emotions, made me cry, made me laugh, it's done everything. The characters are perfect for the story line, and having Harry and the boys in this makes it ten times better! The story really hits your where your heart is, but in the good way. Best books I have ever read... it is a must read.

-Sabrina Raé

An amazing trilogy written by an incredibly talented author!! I've shed many tears of both sadness and happiness while reading these books. I am always taken to a different place when a new chapter is released because it feels so real and I love that I've been able to follow the characters journeys over the last few years. This series is so well written. It's full of passion and emotion as well as many life lessons we can all learn from. I definitely recommend giving it a read!!

- Lauren. C

I absolutely love this. I was laughing at one point and crying at the next. The characters are so well portrayed and I feel like I know each person personally. Each chapter brings something new and the amount of late nights I've had because I couldn't stop reading this is ridiculous. Everytime there's an update I can't stop myself from ready, regardless of where I am.

- El

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