From the beginning.

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(Bella's character above)

That morning I had difficulty getting up. It hurt too much. The sides of my stomach were bruised and my legs had cuts running down them, making it hard to move.
The hard part was that I didn't know where anything was. We had just moved to California and I hadn't sorted my room out. It was so plain with just a single sized bed in the middle with a small closet to the side.
There was also a small bathroom to the side. I might have got the small room, but we had a big house.
Summer vacation was still on for a couple of weeks so I could stay up late and wake up late.
I was scared to go go downstairs but I knew that I had to go down to make breakfast for my so called parents.
I seriously sit down sometimes and wonder if I was adopted as a baby.
I walked downstairs, taking my time.
I walked into the kitchen to see alcohol bottles all over the table. Try to be quiet, I tries to clean the table up.
I apparently woke my parents up and I rushed around trying to make breakfast as quick as I could. I didn't have to go to school but they had to work.
They came down, giving me dirty looks.
They scoffed their breakfast down so quickly it's like they were trying to get away from me.
My mum finally spoke, " we need to get food for the house, while your at it, go get you're school supplies and anything else you need now, because I'm not going to spend any money money on you!"
She threw the rolls of money on the table.
If you were wondering, my parents were packed with money. My mum worked as a lawyer and my dad, a renown surgeon.
To think, such respectable people and then they treat me like this.
I know why they treat me like this.
3 years ago my parents had two children. They had a son and daughter and I had a brother. But that changed, Tom had always been 2 years older than me and I was jealous because clearly my parents respected him more than me. He was known at our school, had the good looks an was clever. Then there was me, plain old me.
Tom was having a celebratory dinner with my parents for his grades. I was studying with my friends. Knowing that mum and dad wouldnt want to come pick me up, I called Tom. He rushed to pick me up giving mum and dad some excuse. In a hurry to drop me off and get back to the restaurant, we crashed. We both fell unconscious but I got off with some minor injuries and a broken leg. Tom was however not as lucky. He had a lot of internal bleeding and he died.
Up till this day mum and dad blame me for his death and I blame myself as well. From that day onwards my life became a living hell. Literally, no one will support me. My aunts and uncles always listen to what my mum and dad tell them to do so I don't get help from anyone.

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