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Kaden's room ^^^

I charged at the first rogue I saw which is a small brown wolf with matted fur. I clawed at its face which caused him to step back. I use the distraction and ripped his throat out using my sharp teeth. I killed at least a dozen more before I stopped and looked around. All around me I seen dead rogues and my pack standing proud. I seen my mom and dad wolfs nipping at each other's necks. If only Athena new about us.

'We should tell mate, it will only get worse for lying to her'. Ace my wolf scold me.

'I know, but how am I going to tell her, I just come out and say Athena we belong together oh and I am a giant wolf about to be alpha of an strong pack?'.

Ace growls at me in the back of my head before disappearing. He's right though I need to tell Athena and mark her so everyone will know how she mine and only mine. I hear my dad saying something in the mink-link so I opened it.

'Everyone report to the grand hall after you get yourself cleaned up'. He said in his alpha tone that no one can disobey. 

I soon find myself in the Gand Hall standing on the stage next to my mom and dad waiting for everyone to come in to the room. Soon everyone was in here considering the room filled with hundreds of people.

"As you all know we were recently attacked by rogues", all was heard was growling coming from the members of the pack from the mention of rogues, "We don't know why they have attacked here considering they never attached us before for years so I would like to have some volunteers so help double up on border patrol. Also I would like to inform the ones that has been hearing rumors that my son has found his mate. I just want to confirm the rumors are true".The room filled with gasp and some claps coming from the pack members.

"I have only heard the future luna is indeed a human, We shall crown her and my son the future alpha when she is ready and knows about our world until then please just be patient and wait for your future luna thank you, your dismissed." My dad voice boomed against the walls in the room.

'Meet me in my office I need to talk to you'. My father voice was heard in my head as I was walking towards the pack house.

I knocked on the two big doors of my dads office I heard him say come in so I did. When I entered I see my father working on some paper work looking concentrated.

"Sit we need to talk."He didn't look up from his paper until I sat down and he looked up and smiled.

"So I wanted to talk about your mate, how are things?" I thought for a second remembering our kiss.

"Well things are going great actually, we kissed so that's one step through the mating process." I stated, he looked at me happy and proud.

"That's good to hear son I can't wait to meet her I pretty sure she will be an amazing Luna, but you need to tell her about us and soon the pack wants to meet their future luna soon son."

"I understand dad I was actually thinking about telling her in a couple of days, Ace wants his mate without telling her lies." He nodded his head before telling me I'm free to go.

"Thanks dad." He looked up at me with a proud smile.

"Welcome son, I'm just trying to look out for you, you know how your mother is about meting your mate." I nodded and laughed as I went out of his office.

I walked into my room and closed the door sighing because I wanted to spend more time with Athena before telling her. I laid down on my bed and pulled out my phone.
(Text messages)
K: Hey I just wanted to say sorry for walking out like that.

After two minutes I heard a ding.

A: Not that cared but whatever.
K: What's wrong?
A: Nothing it's obviously not important to you anyway, goodnight Kaden.
K: Wait Athena
No reply.
K: What please just tell me what's wrong.
(Text messages over)

I put my phone down and asked myself why was Athena mad what was she talking about it's not important to me? What did she say to me? I hear Ace whine then growl in my head.

'What's wrong with you ace?.

'When Jonas was mind linking us she asked us a question'. Ace growled out obviously mad about something.

'What did she ask us?'. I started to get worried.

Out of no where I get a flash back to when I'm looking Athena laying on top so me and her lips moving. What are we? I know we only just kissed but was it in the moment or did it mean something?.

My vision came back to me still laying down on my bed. I was letting what she said process in my head. She wanted to know if we are something? Of course we are, but she doesn't know that. That kiss meant the world to me, I just need to make up sure she knows that.

'Yeah but now she's mad at us, she thinks we didn't like the kiss, oh no what if she never talks to us ever again or worse reject us'. Ace whines in my head as he disappeared to the back of my mind. I let his words sink in for a moment before I got up pacing the floors thinking if she is not going to talk to me anymore or reject me. That thought alone stabs at my heart.

I took off my shirt and jeans leaving me in my boxers, and climbed into my bed. I turned my lights off and closed my eyes replaying the scene my wolf showed me not too long ago. Soon I fell asleep with one thing on my mind.

Tomorrow I will try to make Athena mine.

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