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As I pace up and down the padded cell they've trapped me in, I start to wonder: how did I let this happen? I mean, I'd always been so good at controlling my anger, hadn't I? I suppose that could have been a contributing factor; I'd been holding it in for so long that it just kept building up until it had nowhere else to go. But one advantage of my being sealed in here: at least it is trapped within two layers. Whereas I'm only separated from the outside world by a few inches of foam, the creature is stuck inside me, the drugs they supply me with every morning helping to repress it. I gaze down at the straightjacket they've forced upon me. Although there's nobody around for me to hurt, they're scared that the creature will find a loophole and destroy me. I hear voices from the corridor outside, and I edge my way over to the concealed door.

"Be careful with this one. He's insane, even by the standards of this place. I'm thinking it'd be better for everyone if they slipped an overdose of sedation pills into his breakfast. He's just too dangerous being as unstable as he is, and the boss need never know."

I snarl to myself. So that's their plan? They're going to euphonise me? Well, if they want me, they'll have to take me down first. I look over at the syringes that keep me sane, before I pick them up and pass them through the small circular holes in the wall used to allow air into my cell. They want unstable? I'll be glad to deliver. I drop to my knees as I let the creature take my soul.

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