Hey guys. There is a huge ice storm coming through so i dont have school until next wensday, That means more time for you guys to hae books. I love you all byyye...

                          Jordans POV

 I woke up when i felt a sharp pain in my foot. I sat up and there was nothing there. I picked up my phone and noticed it was 5:02. Great. I Picked out a pair of jean shorts with a white shirt that a full back put small holes in the front. I went into the bathroom and started my shower water.

"Lets go crazy crazy crazy til we see the sun I know we only met but lets pretend its love and never ever ever stop for anyone so tonight lets get some and live while were young" (If you like 1D i bet you sung that.) I sang along to Live While Where Young by 1D. The next song came on. I didn't think anything about till it started.

'Well you only need the light when its buring low, only miss the sun when it starts to snow, only know you love her when you let her go......... Only know you've high when your feeling low only hate the road when your missing home only know you love her when you let her go......... And you let her go' 

I quickly turned the song off and hoped out the shower. That song brought back way to many memories. To many memories of him. He ruined me inside and out. I brushed my teeth an looked at the time. It was 7:00. Goodness i take long showers. I walked into Mia's room and woke her up. I grabbed her black poka dot leggings and her red shirt. I gave her a bath dressed her. I dryed her hair and Put it up in 2 little pig tails. I put on her white booties. I told her to go down stars and that i would be there in a second. I put on my sneakers and went down stairs. Marcus was asleep on the couch with a pair of black jeans with a black shirt that had writing on it. I was about to wake him up when the phone rang.

"Hello. Yeah. Why? What time? WHY DIDN'T YOU CALL SOONER!! BYE!!!!" i slamed the phone down with anger. 


"What the world is wrong with you." He asked sleepily

"Mia was supposed to be at day care 10 minutes ago and you din't tell me."

He jumped up and ran to the car. Luckily I always have an extra bag packed just incase of an emergency. I grabbed the bag and Mia. I buckled her into her car seat sliding into the front. As soon as i was in Marcus drove off. We made it there in 2 minutes becuase of hs speed. I walked in with her and saw parents signing there kids in. I went up to the front and the lady there looked really nice.

"You look really young to be a mom." She said glancing from me to Mia.

"Oh Im not a mom I'm here for the baby project." I said similing.

"Then sign your name and you can go." 

I wrote down my name and sqauted down to Mia's side.

"MIa your going to be here for 2 hours then we will come get you." She nodded.

I gave her a hug and held her hand as we went into the room. There were not alot of kids. As soon as I saw Ana I went over to her.MIa and Felix started blabing about something as we left.

"We should go shopping and the boys could hang out." She looked very exited.

She had on a yellow top with a pair of shorts. Some red knee socks and white sneakers. 

"Sure. That would be great."

--------------------------------------------------------------At the mall------------------------------------------------------------

I toke another sip out of my slurpey while waiting for ana to come out. SHe had found so many cloths it was like a dream to her. She was already on her 17th oufit when i heard a yelp. I walked into her stall and saw top on the floor. It had a note on it. it said 'Ana I knew you would pick this one' Then i heard uflled laughs from the next stall. I climed on the chair looked over and saw MArcus and Luis laughing. Retards.

"Retarded chickens." I mumbled under my breath

"what" One of them asked. 

"I Said retarded chickens" I said again slower.

They both started laughing like hyenas and left. We shopped for the rest of the hour and talked. We went to pick up the kids. It was 2:00 pm So we decide to get lunch. We are lazy fat people so we went to Golden Corall a all you can eat bufett. Mia had like 6 plates of food and ate it all. We left at 5:00 and decided to go back to our homes. It was an Hour and a half drve so it was almost 7:00 When we got home. Mia passed out so I layed her in her bed and went to the basement. 

 It was huge. It had a theatre room and a inside pool. Sat by the pool and started to listen to music. It was peaceful until i was pushed into the pool. Marcuswas standing ther similing.

"Help me out." Like the retard he is he grabbed my hand and i pulled him in. We stayed in the pool for about an hour or so. I ran into my room and took a fast shower changing into some sweat pants and a tank top. I started to drift off when my door opened.

                                                  Marcus POV

I walked into Jordans room. I was going to tell her that i liked her. She looked really tired. 

"Jordan I want you to know that I really like you" She looked asleep so i left.

                                                      Jordans Pov

"I really like you" he left after that. I really like you. He likes me. I put that thought aside and went to sleep.

So this is probaly the longest update you will ever get. It is 1079 word long. I hope you enjoyed and comment what you think. I will post thier oufits in the comments.

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