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i woke up around 8:30am and the house was pretty quiet which was nice. dev was knocked out ofc so i wanted to go check on dev jr. i walked into the nursery and dev jr was just staring at me smiling it was so cute.

he's such a peaceful and happy baby which is really nice. i picked him up and gave him like 10 kisses because i love my baby so much. i walked with him into me & devs bedroom and laid him down between me and dev.

in about like 5 seconds he already started moving around and ended up sitting up against dev, ahh my heart melted. then, dev jr started laughing out of no where and it woke up dev.

"good morning baby & baby boy" dev said picking up dev jr and sitting up

"good morning babes" i said giving dev a peck on the lips

for about 10 minutes we had spent time together as a family, it was really nice. i really enjoyed it because we haven't had time like this with just the 3 of us because of all the craziness that's been going on.

we took a lot of pictures and they were all so cute & #goals 😉❤

"what do you wanna do today dom" dev asked while playing with dev jr

"well, ive been thinking that maybe we should have a get together tonight at the house with the whole fam" i said

"that sounds like a good idea" dev said

"yeah, cuz you know everything has been hectic so i just wanna make sure everyone has a good time together" i said grabbing dev jr and holding him

"that's true, we will have to go grocery shopping today then" dev said

"alright, we can all 3 go" i said

"cool, lemme text in the group chat" dev said

we have a group chat with the boys, trina, and vanessa it's pretty lit.

"alright i texted them" dev said

"okay, imma go downstairs real quick and tell mom cuz you know her and the moms are gunna wanna cook" i said while getting up

"okay hurry back soon" he said whining

"you're gunna miss me aren't you" i said in a baby voice walking to his side of the bed

"yes i am" dev said

"imma miss you too" i said

"give me a kiss before you go" he said smirking

"dev ion got time your foolishness ill be back" i said walking away with dev jr in my arms and laughing

me and dev jr walked downstairs and we went into mama shana & papa g's room but we knocked ofc

"good morning mama, how are you" i said smiling

"good morning love, im good how are you and my grandbaby" she said grabbing dev jr

"im good, so me and dev were thinking about having a get together tonight with the fam, are you up to do it?" i said

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