10. Rage

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A/N The song above is from the show 'Lucifer'. He sings 'All along the watchtower' in what has to be one of the greatest covers of that song. It is one of my favorite shows, go have a look if you don't know it:))

With every step he felt them. Eyes. They bore into him form every side, from the dark and from faces he passed. David tried to regulate his breathing, tried to focus on what lay ahead. To not think about Nick. He had to stay on top of his game and he needed this to be over as quickly as possible, so he could get her back. The dark knew what Ryker was planning to do with her. It couldn't be good, whatever it was.

His father led the way into one of the wooden elevators. The crack of a whip later, the contraption started moving up. All the way up. The silence between them was not broken, his father as regal and quiet as always. And David knew it would stay this way. His skin crawled on the side which was facing him, instinct and memory told him to move away. As far as he could. But there was no where he could go. Still, his molecules wanted to scatter and ghost. The tingling in his fingertips and the humming of his skin was nearly unbearable. As was the proximity to his father.

He endured. He had to and he had to do it good, for Nick's sake. 

They passed ring after ring until the elevator stopped at the highest one. An entire network of caves for the chieftain and his family. David fleetingly wondered if Anette was back. His conscience reared it's head when he thought back on what Daphne had done to her. But Anette had brought it on herself and in truth, Daphne had helped more than done damage. David banned all thoughts of the sort from his mind. He needed a clear head and he would find out soon enough if Anette was here or not.  

The black stone beneath his feet was familiar, as was the heat from the bottom, scattered from time to time by a draft of icy wind from the top. The drafts were clear and bracing, the higher up you got, the more frequent they were. Smelling the clean, mountain air was a sign of privilege and social standard. 

He could remember the first and last time he had been up here. The chieftain had called for him to announce his betrothal to Anette. Anette, who had been seventeen, standing behind her father and giggling, looking at David with big eyes. Her hair had been open and bouncing around her shoulders. The color of honey. 

David, or rather Aiden, had felt honored and put off at the same time. Anette would have never been his choice; too pampered and filled with unrealistic dreams. A child he had nothing in common with. Still, she had been the chieftains daughter, the most precious jewel of the shadow colony. An honor.

David nearly snorted at the thought. That had turned out just fucking great. Now he was coming back here to what? Plead for mercy? Beg to be let in again? He wanted none of it. But as he had told Nick before; he wanted it to end. He wanted... Freedom. From his people, their constricting, traditional ways, from his own haunting memories. David clenched his teeth, he was a fool if he thought he would ever be free of both.

"I don't know why you are back," his father said as he stopped in front of the chieftains caves. "I can only hope it is for the right reasons. We would welcome you back, you know that. But son, make no mistake, if you dishonor me during this meeting I will kill you myself." 

With eyes as hard and cold as ice, his father stared at him. David could feel his innards reacting as they had when he was a boy. It felt like they contracted, pulled together until they were nothing but a painful center of embarrassment. Eager to please, to do right, just for that singular pat on the head. For the words 'you did right, I'm proud of you son'. God, he hated his father and the things he made him feel, twisting him into the person he had run away from for so long.

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