Part 2

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Riya, Ishana and Kabir were now in the car and riya was waiting for the conversation to start, there were many things she wanted to as Kabir but then who was Ishana to him.

"So as now we are in the car, I have questions for both of you"

Ishana said, to which Riya replied "Even I have questions" "Okay,  you tell me how do you know Kabir" "Kabir and I studied in same college, we were friends" "Were?" "After college I went back to my hometown and lost touch with everyone and I guess I am seeing him after 4 years"

"You were his classmate !!! I guess I remember him tell  your names sometimes " "Your turn now, how do you know him" "He is my brother" "Oh, I never knew" riya replied with a sigh she dint want her to be his girlfriend, a second later she relaised what she was thinking, she couldn't think about any man like that,  wrong she tried to explain herself and sideline her thoughts.

"Girls... even I exist.  You both are talking about me but not with me" kabir said to which riya replied with a chuckle "Still attention seeker!!" "No I never was, you both are just talking and treating me like your driver, sitting in the back seat and gossiping" kabir said, both the girls replied "Sorry" "Its okay, now if you are done Ishana can I ask how do you know each other" "Remember I said you in the morning I forgot my wallet and had to pay to the taxi" "Yes" "Riya was the girl who helped me" "Kind as always" kabir said and looked at Riya with a smile.

Kabir kept stealing glances while driving, he couldn't believe he was seeing her after so many years. Meeting riya had brought many memories back to him of his college which were long back forgot under the burden of office stress. She reminded him of the days where they were care free and did whatever they wanted to. Now his life was robotic following schedules and keeping up with the meetings. There were many things he wanted to ask to Riya but now he just wanted to look at her and enjoy the positivity she has suddenly brought in his life.

"Kabirr.... where is your mind, we have to take a left!! Did you forget we have to drop Riya at the hotel" Ishana said bringing kabir out of his trance, "Sorry I was thinking about something" kabir said and drove towards the hotel. Riya and Ishana continued talking like long lost friends while Kabir was silent through out the drive. When they reached the hotel Kabir spoke "Riya give me your number we will catch up sometime later while Ishana is not there" riya chuckled but before she could reply Ishana said "Kabir that is so mean she is my friend also now"

"So" "I will also come with you" "Ya and you both do the talking while I keep staring here and there" "I will let you talk to her too" "Riya you tell me, are you ready to come out with me alone" "Riya say NO" "Dont listen to her" kabir said and they both kept arguing. "Silenceeeeeee both of you or else I won't meet anyone. Yes kabir we will go out and Ishana whenever you are free call me we will meet. I am here for a work in which I don't have much to do so mostly I am free" riya said to which both agreed and riya gave kabir her number and went.

Riya sat in the balcony as that was the only place where she found peace in the hotel room. Today she had a very big shock, a news which she couldn't belive or may be she never wanted to believe. Laksh was here and she had to find him the private investigator was wrong,  how can laksh's pic not match his name. There was some mistake laksh couldn't lie to her, she must have not known him for a long period but she trusted him. There was something good about the day too she decided as she made a amazing friend Ishana and met Kabir.

She was feeling very alone in the new place but seeing kabir made her feel home,  they were not very close but he was one of her good friends in college. Kabir was among the most coolest student of her college while she was a average student. They met on a birthday party of a common friend and then next day kabir sat beside her in class as he had a headache and he wanted her to cover up the notes for her and later explain what the sir said in the lecture. And that was just the start after that riya started hanging out with their gang, riya was a average student but kabir always used to come to her for help in studies.

On the other side after dropping riya, kabir went to his home had a quick dinner and started working in his laptop after he was done with his presentation he called his colleague Vikram ,

"Hello Vikram" "Hey, wassup man!" " I wanted to know if boss has any meetings in the evening?" "Wait let me check but why?" "I wanted to leave a hour early,  if I ask him he will do drama so I plan to slip out without letting him know after I finis my work" "Boss doesn't have a meeting but he is having lunch with his wife out, so probably he won't return to office later " "Thanks dude, will meet you tomorrow. Bye" "Bye" Vikram replied and cut the call. After the call Kabir again dialled a number "Hey" replied a female voice, "Hey, Are you free tomorrow in the evening ?" "Yep" "Okay be ready I will come and pick you around 6" kabir replied and cut the call with a smile on his face.

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