Chapter 4

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The following morning, Suzy sat at the breakfast table with her parents. It was the weekend, and sunlight streamed through the window and onto the table. Cuddles sat next to her chair, and it seemed like he was resting. Her mother sat across from her sipping coffee, and her father was fixing up breakfast. Suzy was still pondering what Anubis had told her the night before.

"Mommy, does every god have a high priest?"

Her mother nodded. "Of course sweetie, that's how they communicate with their followers."

"What's yours like?"

"I haven't met him in person, but I get chain emails from him sometimes. Apparently he lives in Nigeria and doesn't speak much english, so the messages can be a little hard to read sometimes. I did get this though." She held up her arm, where a small beaded charm was tied under her sleeve. It was made of small red and white beads, grouped in sets of four and six.

"My high priest sends a yearly newsletter", Suzy's father said from his spot over the stove. He flipped a big, fluffy pancake onto a plate and passed it to Suzy. "They come with free packets of seeds for gardening."

Suzy poured syrup on her pancake and began to dig in. "So," she said between bites, "What's a high priest supposed to do?"

Her dad pondered for a moment as he poured more batter into the pan. "Spread the god's teachings, I guess. Make sure the other followers know what they want."

"They probably are more involved with worship too, I think", said Suzy's mom. "More offerings, and all that."

Suzy took a large bite of pancake before speaking again. "What sort of offering should I give Anubis, then?"

Her parents glanced at each other. "Only the high priest really needs to bring offerings to the temple, sweetie", her mother said.

"I know that. Last night, Anubis said I was his high priestess."

Her dad choked on his coffee, and turned away from the stove. "Are you sure? There must be other people following him that've been worshippers for longer."

Suzy shook her head. "He said I was the only one. I think I should get an offering to him soon, since it's only fair."

Her dad tore off his apron and grabbed a handful of shopping bags.

"We should go right now!" He exclaimed. "There's no way my daughter's god is going without something nice. We have to thanks him for Cuddles, after all."

Cuddles looked up at the sound of his name, mouth partly open. Suzy's dad patted him on the head, and then stood up again.

"Do you think a whole cow's a bit much, dear?"

Suzy's mom smiled. "Just a tad much."

"Got it." He headed for the door, then turned around to Suzy.

"Well? Aren't you coming?"

Suzy smiled and nodded, hopping off her chair and heading to the door too. Cuddles got up and stretched before plodding along after her happily.

A few hours later, all four of them were piled into the car and driving towards Temple Park. It was a massive, sprawling park with benches dotted around the paths that led to each temple. There was one for each pantheon, and she had been told that each god had a statue somewhere in the park. Suzy could see it in the up ahead, and looked back down at the shopping. She had insisted on carrying it herself, but the bags were quite full. Cuddles sat with his head out the window, jaw open in the breeze. He seemed incredibly happy. They parked outside the park, and began to walk inside. Suzy's mom had been worried about Cuddles causing a fuss among other dogs and people in the park since it was hard to put a leash on bones, but he plodded alongside Suzy, matching her pace. Sometimes he'd glance at other dogs or bark joyfully at a squirrel,but he never left her side. 

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