A/N: Apparently people aren't really reading if they make a comment about Sylvia being poor rather than Amelia. Amelia is the main character. Just to clear that up.


I sewed on a ribbon to my shirt as my mom came in.


"Yeah mom?"

She started to break down and cry. I got up and ran over and kneeled down to her.

"Mom? What's wrong? What is it?"


"Breathe slowly and tell me."

Mom didn't always have this frail insecure image to set. She was once a strong ambicious woman who could take anything on. Not until dad passed away in a car accident.She went depressed for months and couldn't even pick herself up. Mom was of course,very much in love with him,but now that he's gone and she's struggling to work to make income,I had to step in too. Besides,I'm already 17. Might as well do something worthwhile before graduating.

"We could be on the streets if this keeps up Amy. Being a salonist and you sewing clothes isn't enough to cover the bills and you have school to focus on too!"

"But mom! People are starting to take more interest in my designs. I just need to somehow get materials and..."

I frowned at her. Her teary eyes held a look of sorrow. She was like a lost child and I couldn't do anything more to help. She sighed and got up the floor with me and walked to our little kitchen to pour a glass of milk.

"We are out of milk now..." She sighed as she set the cups on the little round table we sat at.

"If only Keith was here....oh how I miss him.."

I watched her daze into space as she thought of dad.

He was a nice man.Who was hard working but carefree at the same time. He could put a smile on anybody's face and always made mom sigh with love when he whispered into her ear. The day he found out mom was pregnant with me, he carried her, rubbed her feet,anything he could do to make her comfortable.

Back on topic.

"Mom? I'll go out and find a better job for myself. One that I can balance school out too ok? I promise that one day,we won't be struggling so hard anymore." I got up and quickly grabbed my coat and out I went before she could protest.

New York was already really cold in the fall. The sidewalks were slippery but that didnt keep the crowd from slowing down. I put my hand near my faced and huffed for a warm breath. I walked to posters on poles to ads on walls.The ones hidden were more likely to recruit adult film makers.

No where near what I was looking for.

I then walked across a store that had a "Help Wanted" in bold red letters at the window. I went in before noticing the sign was being taken off.

"Hello, I'm Amelia Liza, I'm here to apply for the job." I pointed my thumb back at the now clear window.

The receptionist shook her head.

"Sorry,you were a wee bit late. A girl just applied for the job a few minutes ago. We can't squeeze another helper in anymore."

I sighed and put my beanie back on.

"Thanks anyways."

I turned my heels to leave but she suddenly called after me.

"Wait! But there is help needed for the Fellingar family"

I turned back, "The Fellingar family?"

"Oh you don't know? This store is one of the many popular fashion stores owned by the Fellingar company. Look, the family have just kicked out a housekeeper for attempting to steal possessions. I'm a close friend of theirs so I'll try to get them to take you in."

"Oh that's great!"

"Yeah,it's not great as being a stylist or designer,but their pay is still pretty decent to take care of their home."

I quickly shook her hand with a bright smile. She smiled back and gave me a card with her number.

"I'm Sylvia Ester,just call me Syl. Call me tomorrow at 10 'o clock and I'll come by to pick you up."

"Oh thank you thank you!You're a life saver!" I gave her a hug across the desk and skipped out of the store.

Not knowing what I was going to myself into...