9. A lifelong debt

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Reaver Manor, Jessica

„It doesn't feel right," Jess said. She was wringing her hands while blowing air from puffed out cheeks. "She should have called me by now. Nick is one stubborn-ass demon, but this isn't like her."

Max grunted, his eyes trained on the screen. Jess, Max and Germaine were sitting in the living room and watched Firefly. It was Germaines favorite TV show and he had Max hooked to it like a junky. The beast-shifter had even smiled once or twice during the time and Jess couldn't help but fall in love with it as well.

"You tried calling her?" Germaine asked.

"Of course, but she's not picking up." Jess worried her lower lip, flashes of unease washing over her. She had a terrible feeling about the whole deal. Nick had called her from the airport, two days ago and since then... Nothing.

Germaine wiggled his pink eyebrows at her. "Maybe she and David are making up. Give her a little time. I certainly wouldn't pick up the phone in the throes of passion, it makes for awkward conversation." He smirked. "Then again, that would be a good reason to answer the phone, I do love me some awkward conversation."

"Random question," Jay said as he entered the room and threw down a duffle-bag. "Are you even able to have sex? I mean, you're made of smoke, female jinns are made of smoke..." The felinne raised a brow.

With narrowed eyes Germaine looked over his shoulder at Jay. "Not something I wish to discuss with you."

"Why not?" Jay smiled one of his lazy smiles. "Come on, tell us."

The jinn huffed. "Not going to happen."

"Shame," Jess said. "This was the beginning of a really awkward conversation. Speaking of which," she tilted her head, looking at Jay, "what are you doing with the duffle-bag?"

The felinne sighed and pulled a hand through his tousled hair. Beautiful, Jess though. The guy was just beautiful. A pity she felt no spark, no electricity. She liked him, but that was as far her feelings went. It was pure luck that he felt the same way about her.

Normally she was as thick as a plank, when it came to the feelings of those around her. Which was part of why Nick and her got along so well, if that demon was angry or otherwise emotional, you knew. But Jess would have to be goddamned blind not to see how hung up Jay was on Daph. How unluckily hung up.

"I'm going away for a while," Jay said.

"Where are you going?" Jess asked.

The feline shrugged. "Dunno yet. Maybe I'll visit a few of the other free cities, maybe I'll lounge on some beach for a while."

Jess shot him a small smile. It was obvious why he was leaving. Being in love with someone who didn't feel the same was bad, seeing that someone content and happy with someone else was worse. She would miss him though, and not just the amazing sex they were having daily. He had grown on her, just not in a way that could have healed him, or her for that matter.

Jess got up and hugged him tightly, breathing in his scent of warmth and comfort. "You be careful, okay?" She could already feel tears brim her lids. She loathed goodbyes.

Jay pecked her forehead. "Of course, elfling. You too."

Jess stepped back and forced out a smile. The fear for Nick, the uneasiness and the dread at Jay leaving... It culminated into pressure at her throat, making it hard to breathe. There was a sense of foreboding clouding her mood. As if she was waiting for something to come, something big to hit home and shatter her world.

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