Chapter 19

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After a few hours of video games and hanging out, we all said our goodbyes and left.

Once we got home I noticed a note on the kitchen table.


Your father and I are headed out to Dave's. Be back later, we left money on the counter if you wanted to go out to eat or something. Our treat!

Love, mom'

"Well guys, looks like it's just us for awhile!" I cheered.

"Cool! Party!" Hannah shouted.

"Um no! Remember the last time you tried to throw a party at my house?" I reminded.

She hung her head in shame.

"Why? What happened?" Nate asked.

"Let's just say we had to get all new furniture and I was grounded for 5 months." I informed.

"To be fair! We did try and get everyone out on time!" Hannah defended.

"They were your friends! From your school! They got my dog drunk!" I reminded again.

"Actually that was me!" Hannah said.

We both laughed.

"Well, i'm tired. I'm gonna go nap. Come on babe." I called for Destery.

"But I'm not tired!" He whined.

"We aren't gonna be sleeping dumbass!" I shouted down the steps.

I heard him run to the stairs. I giggled to myslelf.


"I swear, that gets better everytime!" Destery puffed.

"Haha! You're probably right." I laughed.

"So, how does it feel to be the only boy I've ever snuck into my room?" I asked.

"Well, we didn't really sneak. I'm pretty sure Hannah and Nate could hear everything." Destery joked.

"We could!" came a muffled shout behind the door.

"Ewww! You pervs! Go away!" I shouted.

I heard them laugh and their footsteps fade away down the stairs.

I shook my head and turned back to Destery.

"You look mighty sexy with sex hair." Destery complimented.

"Thanks! So do you." I replied.

"I love you Kaitlin." He whispered in my ear.

"I love you too Destery." I whispered back.

"So I meant to ask. What did you say do fag boy at the camping trip?" I asked.

"Oh, your usual. Hey, how's it going, how's it feel to know I've seen more of her than you ever will." He said plainly.

I sat up, "You did not!" I said.

"Haha! No I didn't, but I wanted to."

I laid back down.

"No, we really just talked. And yeah you came up. And when I asked what happened between you guys he said he messed up, and said some things he didn't mean, and really hurt you." Destery explained.

"And then he said some cocky shit about how he had you first so I punched him in the face." He finished.

"The bastard said what?" I shouted.

"Yeah, he said he was your first everything. So I punched him." he restated.

"That lying son of a bitch! He wasn't my first anything! He thinks he was my first kiss, as if! And as far as everything else goes, I wouldn't let him so much as hold my hand." I fumed.

Who does he think he is? Lying like that!

"I'm glad you punched him. Did he cry? I bet he cried, little baby bitch!" I snuggled closer to Destery.

"Haha! Now that you mention it yeah. And did you notice how weird he runs?" He asked.

I could stop laughing, for years Hannah would always say that, and anytime e would run we couldn't stop laughing.

"You know he died his hair pink once?" I asked.

"No! Haha! When?" He asked.

"Like months after we broke up, He said it was supposed to be red. But it was pink." I laughed.

"Well then, note to self, if we ever break up I might to some crazy shit." Destery joked.

I stopped laughing, I didn't even want to think about us breaking up.

"Babe?" he shook me lightly.

"Huh?" I looked up at him.

"Babe, I was joking. We aren't gonna break up. Don't worry." He hugged me tighter, and kissed the top of my head.

"Now come on, I'm hungry, let's go out." he hopped out of bed. Walking naked across the floor to his clothes.

"Amazing, even your ass is cute." I joked.

He laughed and slipped on his boxers.

"Shows over babe, now go get ready." he motioned toward my bathroom.

"Fine, I'm gonna take a shower.....but only if you join me." I teased, slipping into the bathroom.

"Done!" I heard him say.


"Bye guys! We're gonna take off." I shouted up the stairs.

And at that me and Destery were off on our date. At least I'm pretty sure it is. I mean, we're getting dinner at a nice place. Just the two of us, an I dressed up dammit!

"Hey babe, Is this a date?" I felt stupid for asking.

"I don't know. Depends on if we have sex after." he teased.

"Haha! Well then I guess it's not a date then...." I teased back, walking ahead of him.

"That's not funny babe!" He shouted ahead.

I laughed and let hime catch up. As we intertwined fingers and walked to the car.

"I want to drive!" Deatery claimed.

He ran ahead a opened my door. Such a gentleman.

And just like that, we are off.


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