HEY again! this is the second chapter of course hope you enjoy! :D dedicated this chapter to Darkwaters because i loved reading her book The Virginity Game and hope she likes mine too. also here is a song written by Cher Lloyd who is also the girl playing as Sabrina in my story(: enjoy!


The doorbell rang again and I shot down stairs to meet Sabrina. “Hey!” I shouted and grabbed one of her bags to help carry them upstairs.

“Hey, what’s with the late invite to come over?” she grunted while struggling with her bags.

 I chuckled a little and tried to come up with a lie that would fit my situation, “Um just thought since it was the first day of summer we should spend it staying up all night watching movies.” I said with a smile on my face.

She gave me a look that I got a lot when I lied, “you’re lying, what is the real reason you wanted me to come over?” I sighed and continued to drag her stuff upstairs; opening the door to my room to let her in.

“I have to talk to you about something and who is better to tell then my best friend.” It earned me a tooth showing smile and playful slap on the arm.

“Ok then spill. Is it about a boy?”

I glanced at her shocked at how she already guessed it, “yes it is about a boy and a difficult one at that.”

“When are boys not difficult? It makes them more of a challenge to get and I love that.” she said winking at me. I pretended to gag and she just giggled at me while jumping onto the couch.

“He is a bipolar one, I went running today and accidently ran into him and he like freaked out.” i exclaimed.

“Well then he sounds like he deserves to get slapped in the back of the head.” I laughed and sat on the bed.

“He came over to eat and apologized for his actions earlier but I was so mad I stormed out of the room. Like I was going to forgive him after he said that, ha! Yeah right,” I went over to my closet to find some pajamas while waiting for her to reply.

“Well look at this he will be out of your mind tomorrow because we are going shopping!” she yelled from the room. I threw on the pajamas and walked over to sit by Sabrina who was already in hers. “Why do you have the cutest clothes and I have these old things?” she said staring at my pajamas.

I looked down at my clothes and realized what she meant. I was wearing a pair of red shorts that were tight on my skin and a black kami with a red sweater over it. “Well then I will get you a cute pair of pajamas when we go out shopping tomorrow.”

She smiled at me and brightened up with an idea. “Hey! Want to call the guys and go for a walk on the beach?” I smiled and agreed while pulling out my phone to text the guys.

Heading out for a walk on the beach want to join us? –Lindsey.

A few moments later Jason, Bradley, and James replied saying they would be there in a few minutes. Not wanting to change out of our pajamas we began walking down the beach waiting for the guys. I looked at each of the beach houses noticing something different about each of them when I heard the sand behind me getting tossed around. I turned suddenly and saw Bradley running at me not even bothering to slow down. I screamed with surprise and started running away but his footsteps got closer. I screamed again when he wrapped his arms around my waist and started spinning. “Put me down Brad!” I screamed starting to fill a little dizzy. He spun us around one more time before falling and dragging me down with him. I landed on top of him making him grunt and I laughed.

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