Chapter 08 | Long Nights

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"No, trust me. I don't have anywhere else to be," he answered with a little fear in his eyes.

I just nodded at his comment. "I'll just check on him anyway."

My feet slowly walked out of the room and into the hallway. I took baby steps towards Shane's room just in case he was already sleeping. With one un-careful step I took, the hardwood floor creaked, making a loud squeaking sound.

Dang, it!

I would make a horrible spy.

"Jade, are you still awake?" Shane's voice called out.

"Uh, yeah, it's me. You're still up too?" I asked.

I could hear his low laughter coming from the inside of his bedroom. "Yeah, come inside." My hand untwisted the door knob so I could step inside. There was a bunch of clothes and football gear lying around his floor.

Will he ever learn to clean up?

"What are you still doing up?" I asked, trying to find a clean space to walk on. When I finally found my way to his bed, I plopped myself down on his mattress and looked at the TV.

"Playing Madden, what else would I be doing?" he answered in a 'duh' voice.

I rolled my eyes. "I don't know? Maybe studying for a chance."

Shane set down the controller and laughed at my comment. "Jade, we both know that's your thing, not mine."

"True," I agreed.

With the game paused an awkward vibe ran through the air. "Look, Jade, about this morning," Shane brought up.

Great, we're back to this topic.

"It's fine, it was just a slip-up," I confirmed.

I didn't want to talk about Logan at all. He cheated on me, that's all everyone needed to know. Nobody knew that I still cry every night thinking about how my love just wasn't enough for him. Nobody needed to know those details, it's not like it would change how I felt anyways.

"But it's not okay! I hate him for doing that to you, Jade, you deserve someone worth much more than that scumbag," Shane shouted.

He's always been the one to protect my heart from breaking. I loved him for doing that, but he can't save me from all the heartbreak even if he tried.

"I hate him for doing that to me too, but what can I do about it? I just wasn't enough," I answered softly, remembering that Raysen was still in my room.

Shane walked over to his bed and sat right next to me. His arms found his way to my shoulders and brought me in for a hug. "You are enough. Nobody will ever say that my little sister is not good enough for them, or I will personally break their nose."

His protectiveness made me chuckle. "You're only older by a few minutes, you know?"

"You still qualify as my little sister," he murmured, letting go of me.

"Thank you, for that," I said, walking towards the door, going back to my own room.

"No problem, whatever keeps you from crying for him at night."

My heart dropped. "You can hear that?" I mumbled.

Shane's head bobbed up and down, nodding. "These walls run very thin, you know."

"Yeah," I agreed.

Stupid construction workers who built this house. Can't a girl have a little privacy once in awhile? Is that too much to ask for?

My feet almost reached out of his bedroom, until he added another comment.

"Oh, and Jade? I know you have a boy in your room. You might want to get him out before I knock some sense into him."

I mumbled a quick 'okay' before running out of his room. I could feel my face quickly heating up. He knew I had someone in his room? Could he tell it was Raysen? I don't think so, or else that conversation would have turned out much differently.

The doorknob squeaked as I entered my own room. I wonder what Raysen had been doing this whole time. I've been gone for quite a while.

I heard a faint snore coming from underneath the comforter of my bed. Was he asleep? My fingers lightly pulled the blankets away from him, trying to not wake him up.

His eyelashes fluttered over his cheeks as he slept. He looked very peaceful in this state. There were no stress lines or anger in his face, just pure bliss.

When I was about to wake him up, I noticed that the black hoodie I let him borrow rode up, revealing the side of his torso. I took this time to inspect the bruise he got. Purple and black lined his rib cage, making me wince at the pain he might be feeling.

He shifted in his sleep, which now showed me a clear picture of his bruises. I wonder how he got this. Was he in a fight? Did he fall down the stairs? Did he get hit by a bike? The possibilities that ran through my head were endless.

How does someone get a bruise that huge?

I softly ran my fingers over the purple area, making sure not to press down. His soft snores stopped when I touched him.

"How did you get this, Raysen?" I whispered to myself, knowing he wouldn't answer.

I looked down at him, and sat right next to where his body laid. Raysen groaned, twisting his body. Was I hurting him?

His eyes slowly opened and looked back at me. "What are you doing?" his voice asked, huskily.

"Just checking up on you," I lied.

His eyes dropped to my fingers running against his bruise. He winced at my touch and pulled away. I pulled down his shirt for him and sighed.

"Hold on, I have an ice pack. Come with me," I instructed, leading him towards my bathroom.

"This isn't really necessary, it doesn't hurt that bad," he answered, but still continued walking with me.

"Stop lying and sit up here," I patted the counter.

He jumped up and sat on the counter watching my every move. I opened my cabinet and grabbed the first aid kit. Sitting at the top of the kit was the instant ice pack maker. I always carried one around, just in case someone were to get hurt.

I cracked the insides of the ice pack until I could feel the content getting cold in my hands.

"Take off your shirt," I instructed.

Raysen laughed at my nervousness. "I've always known you've wanted to see my abs, tutor girl."

"Yeah, shut up, and take it off," I repeated before the ice pack would melt and not be cold anymore.

This was going to be a long night.  


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