"1-2-3 SHOOT!" We started to play a fast, and I mean fast game of Rock, paper, scissors. Best 3 out of 5. I threw down paper as he threw down rock.

"Another go. 1-2-3 SHOOT!" I threw down the same as before. He had scissors. He won again.  Third time. Funny, we both threw paper. Forth time, both got scissors. Fifth, he got paper, I got rock. Fuck!

"This is bullshit!"  He already knew he had won. With all the energy  he had stored, he pumped his fist in the air making a 360 turn. Almost running into the table. He came back towards me. I waved my arms, ready for combat. He swung his arms everywhere, kicking one leg up. I couldn't help but to laugh at the stupidity we both was doing at the time. Both jumped around. Being silly, goofy.We was acting like ninga's. It got serous now, came back and did another round. He was killing me! I lost all 5 times. He we started to jump around again. He did this weird high kick with both legs. I walked away, ready to quit.  I was losing! We came back for another rematch.

Win. Win. Lose.Win.Win! I won! He hit both his arms on his legs. I put my hands together and put them in the air and bowed. I am the king!  I think we invited a new thing called Rock, Paper, Scissors, Karate! We was at a video set. Recording a better version of our old music video. Which I have to say was crap. Not Good Enough For Truth In Cliche music video. We all was set up in the restaurant. Checkers covered tables, wooden chairs. Cameras everywhere, ready to film. Robert was in the corner with his legs up on a chair. Head tilt back with his sunglasses on. He does know we're indoors, right?

Anyways, I coulnd't tell if he was sleep or alive. He snores. Heard him from across the room. He's alive. Monte was tuning his guitar. He was chewing on a huge swab of gum in his mouth. You could tell by the giant  lump at the side of his mouth. Omar was, well being Omar. We was pushing hard to get finish with this video shoot. All tried. Plus, try dealing with the same song in the background over and over again.

"Hurtful words! From my enemy's from the last five years. What's it like to die alone!! " Continuing, mouthing over the words. I wasn't even singing and my mouth got dry. It was hot and stuffy in that room. Multiple fans on high. He came over and patted my back.

"That was fun!" Max said. He was trying to catch his breath. His hair was all in his face. My hair grew out long. I mean he was the one tho cut the whole back of his head back then. Only had a bang. I remember when he had glasses and just a silly little lip rings. Short curly hair down to his ears. His  grew his out as well. I tumbled my  fingers in his black hair. What was wrong with us to make our hair that bad back then? He kissed my neck and ran off.

I left the moister of his wet lips on there. Max sat over in a chair. Blowing on the spoon and wiping it repeatedly. He seems to be trying to make a spoon stay on his noise. I watched him from a far. Yeah, he was trying to put a spoon on his small noise.

He couldn't do it, so he frustrated and threw the spoon at the wall. Our director has called us over. Brake time was over with. The director came out then told us to get in out position. Max dragged himself to the small wooden stage next to Monte who was scratching his head. Still chomping on  gum. Robert with his "I'm too cool for this shit" cocky walk came behind his drums. Then me. I felt kind of full of myself a tad bit.

Well. I am the lead singer. You need to have that alter ego if you're going to be lead. I grab the mic stand with both hands. Hopped up and down on in the same spot. Getting warmed up even though I wasn't really singing. Max was behind me. He taps my ass, wooing me.

"Come on! I want to get this stupid music video over with! "The director started to count down. 5-4-3-2-. The clip of the board slam down as the director said action. The had the waiters walk in. Waiting the tables. I lip sync with the music the blare in the background. I was with Max on this one. I want this stupid video to be done with. The video was broke into 5 sets. This was the 3rd set. Tomorrow we have to do the next one.  

I'm tired, but this is the best way to study my own lyrics. Helps me out for when we go on tour. My memory box be fuzzy at times. The director stopped the scene. Told us good job and that we was done for the day. Max on the other hand was still energetic. He put his guitar in the corner and ran out the doors screaming "FINALLY!" with his arms in the air. I had the urge to do the same. I ran outside and saw him running in circles. Laughing. I chased after him. He ran faster than me.

"Last one on the bus have to deal with my dirty underwear in their bunk." He said. That was no fair, he had a head start. I push myself to run faster. I heard Robert behind us. He was being a party pooper and told us to chill. Max stop in front of the bus, pointed a finger at Robert. I yield. Scraping  the bottom of my shoes. I turn to look at Robert who was walking with Monte. 

"Ronnie." Max called to me."I changed my mind. How about the first two inside can piss on Robert's bunk!" Robert put his fist in the air like an old man would do if someone was in his grass. 

"I fucking dare yall too!" He began to run towards the bus. Max told me to hurry up. We got on the bus then closed the door. Locked it.Robert started to bang on the door with so much force. Max and I couldn't help but to laugh.

"Ronnie and Max! Open this goddamn door! Right now! Stop being childish little shits!" Max grab two big bottles of juice out the freezer for us. 

"Naw. I'll open the door after me and Ronnie drinks all this juice so we can release ourselves on your nice comfy bed. I fell so sorry for you and your white sheets." He said, handing me a bottle. I look out the window.

"Hey Monte. Do you like the color yellow?"

Monte looked up at me confused. I gave him a sec. He threw a rock at the window. The window was open so the rock flew in, braking the new blender we got from K-mart. I took that as he knew what I was about to do in his bed. 

'"Dude, you're buying us another blender you douche." I said.  I shut the window and sat next to Max. He was half way though with the bottle. 

"Are we really going to piss in their beds?" Max got up and looked at me.

"I'm tried of Robert!" Max walk down the lane, unbuttoning his pants. "But hey, if you don't want too." He whipped it out. He wasn't going to-

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh" Oh shit. The sound of release. He didn't !

"Wooo!! I've been holding that in for hours!" He did. He pulled his pants up then walked his way over back to me. I was shocked. Mouth hung open. He chuckled. I laughed with him. We both start to die with laughter on the ground. For a good four minutes until we heard keys  unlocking the door. We panicked. I jump in my buck. Max jumped in his under mines.

We acted like we was asleep. I can see Robert's face already. I felt myself drift to sleep.  I heard Robert yelled with anger. Oops. He must had found the surprise Max left him. I heard Max snort a laugh right before I fell asleep.

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