"It's a Pleasure to Meet You!"

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"Elizabeth Schuyler. It's a pleasure to meet you."


"My sister."


Meeting Each other!


Aoi Valt

Aoi Bakery.

A place where people get their delicious bread and hang out by the large windows. You're new to this little town and wanted to get a snack for the day. So far, everyone in this place was nice to you, heck, even some kids invited you to their BeyBattles! Now, you're not much of a Blader yourself but enjoy it nonetheless.

Sniffing the air of the bakery sent good feelings coursing through your veins. Everything here made your mouth water! They even sold cupcakes here!

"Hi!! Welcome to the bakery!" You turned around to see a blue-haired-boy with shining brown eyes. "Would you like anything?"

"Oh, everything here looks delicious," you complimented before chuckling nervously. "I wish I could buy one of everything but I'll be killing my wallet."

The boy seemed to be understanding. "I know how that feels," he smiled. "So I'll give you some of my recommendations!" He said eagerly and sprinted off to the shelves. You could only watch in awe as the boy took various bread and began to wrap them up in paper. As he did so, he didn't want the conversation to stop. "Say, I haven't seen you around in these parts. What's your name?"

You stopped gazing upon the mouth-watering bread. "Oh! I'm [Last name] [First name]. I just moved here a few days ago."

"Ah, so that explains it!" The boy gave you a cheeky smile. "I'm Aoi Valt. Nice to meet you!"

Aoi Tokonatsu

Caffeine is something that you absolutely need to get through the day. Without it, you're really grumpy until you have caffeine in your damn body. Thankfully, there's a small cafe around the corner that you became a regular in! Mostly because you loved their coffee and the pastries!

"Ah! Hello, [First name]!" Tokonatsu greeted as he came over to your table. "The usual again?"

"Heck yeah," you nodded as he laughed and turned right back around to the kitchen. Tokonatsu is your usual waiter whenever you come over. You come so often that the two of you became quick friends! In fact, the reason why you frequently come over is that he looked adorable! Something about him made you very comfortable!

A few minutes later, Tokonatsu came back with your usual order. Coffee with cookies and cupcakes! "Man, I'm confused how you're not getting cavities," Tokonatsu teased the as you took a seat across from you.

"I brush my teeth every day, I'll be fine," you reassured while waving him off. "You worry too much."

"I never get regulars," Tokonatsu says and pointed at you with a smile. "You're my first one!"

"What about that guy?" You asked, pointing to a dude way off to a window. "I've seen him here every day."

"Him?" Tokonatsu hummed before shaking his head. "Nah, that's my co-worker's regular."

"Huh," you muttered before sipping on your coffee. "Well, Sir Aoi Tokonatsu, I'm pleased to be your first regular~!" Tokonatsu laughed as you said that in a British accent.

Kurenai Shu

You slammed your head against the desk and immediately covered your ears. Today, everyone had to do a speech about their idol. You already went up and shared your speech on Elizabeth Schuyler Hamilton. And yet, the girl who's up next did hers about Kurenai Shu. Don't get me wrong, your opinion on Shu is fine. Sure, he might be attractive but what does that do for you in life?

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