= Chapter 6 =

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"There is never a time or place for true love. It happens accidentally, in a heartbeat, in a single flashing, throbbing moment."

- Jeremy Lockhart.


Her emerald eyes scanned the hallways as she placed her bag over her shoulder. The moment I noticed her in my literature class, I knew she was going to bring me into trouble somehow.

She had that confident aura around her, her beautiful green eyes caught my attention immediately. But I couldn't look at her anymore, her beauty was distracting yet addictive. Plus, I have Emily as my girlfriend.

A lot of my friends tell me she's mean, but I never see the bad in people till Skylar came. There is just something about Skylar, her introduction was already a mystery for me.

Why did she say she didn't need any 'distractions' ?

I always could crack every mystery story I read just by looking at its cover but Skylar was a difficult one to uncover. She's just like a book, but I guess I have to start reading it to crack it's mystery. She wasn't the case where you could figure it all out by just looking at its cover.

She intrigued me somehow but I had Emily too.

I noticed how Tristen and her have a close relationship already and that ticked me off a bit. Masking up my emotions, I turned back to Zach, Gabriel and Tristen-my best friends since diapers.

"Damn that new girl is definitely sexy as hell. She's gonna be with me by the end of the week." Zach commented in his usual player way.

Rolling my eyes, I saw her enter the music room.

"I heard she got a ride from Dante today." Gabriel added calmly.

His words snapped me out of my reverie.


"Chill bro, they are neighbors. Why are you so affected?" Tristen inquired.

"You do know how dangerous Dante is, he's like a psychopath. She'll be dead by next week if she stays with him." I whisper yelled.

"I mean aren't we as bad as him? We are in a mafia gang too after all.." Gabriel remarked.

"And no one should ever know that." I ended off abruptly.

Suddenly we heard a familiar dark chuckle.

"Are you guys talking about me again? I never knew I was that popular." Dante stood behind us with a mischievous smile. Behind him was Jordan and Brad.

"Just stay away from Skylar, would you?" Tristen stepped forward.

"Why should I? I actually like that girl.... a lot." Dante's voice hardened and I saw how his eyes softened at the mention of Skylar, but I must be dreaming.

"Love and you don't go together." Zach gritted.

"Watch your words. If you haven't forgotten, your beloved Jeremy is dating my sister. So that also means I can date anyone I want." Dante snapped.

It hurt me that my girlfriend was his sister but I liked her so much, thus,I brushed that off.

"Skylar is my friend too and you guys can't stop us." Jordan commented.

With that, they strolled away with smirks plastered on their annoying faces.

"Maybe I can talk to Skylar about staying away from them." Tristen broke the silence.

Both Zach and Gabriel nodded in agreement.

"Or we could just let her figure it out herself." A wave of futile coldness swept over me. I couldn't understand how I could become so mean all of a sudden, maybe I was jealous...?

But why would I be jealous?

"Dude, are you out of your mind?! I may not know Skylar but that's no way you help a person out." Gabriel remarked.

"How about we talk this over lunch." Zach simply said.

We all scattered into our different classes but once I noticed that everyone was out of sight, I peeped into the music room.

Looking from left to right, Skylar cautiously picked up a guitar and strummed it a few times which created an amazing tune.

The music department and room was closed down a year ago, because they couldn't find students with the passion to learn music. The music room was now meant as a storage room but all instruments remain there.

It was actually forbidden for students to enter that room, but I guess Skylar isn't exactly the person that follows rules.

Out of the blue, a sweet melodious voice sang with emotion lacing in each word.

"Loving can hurt
Loving can hurt sometimes
But it's the only thing that I know
When it gets hard
You know it can get hard sometimes
It is the only thing that makes us feel alive

We keep this love in a photograph
We made these memories for ourselves
Where our eyes are never closing
Hearts are never broken
Times forever frozen still..." She sang while constantly looking at her locket that hung around her neck.

Leaning against the door frame, I had to interrupt her...maybe because I wanted to get her attention...

"You do know you shouldn't be here..." Her head whipped towards me.

Placing the guitar calmly down by her side, she stood up before walking over to the piano.

"And who is gonna stop me?" She grinned before playing the piano so swiftly like she practiced for years.

Was she challenging me?


"Are you sure? I mean you're a good boy after all." She raised her perfect eyebrow.

Walking over to her, I pinned her hands to the each side of the piano before leaning closer.

"I could be bad too..." I whispered into her ear, my breath fanning against the crook of her neck.

Instead of blushing or even giggling, she kneed my family jewels which made me groan in utter pain.

"You can be a weakling too, I guess." She snickered before sashaying out of the room.

I made a mental note to never be in a room alone with her in a room.

But how are you guys gonna make out then?! Or even go further than kissing?!

Brushing away that ridiculous imagination, I limped out of the room to lunch since I missed my previous class already.

Till now, I have two clues to figuring her out. That locket she has must be linked to her past, or even her so called 'distraction'...

Why does she make me want her?

Why do I want to find out more about her? She makes me want more...

It's such a strange attraction that I can't even figure out...

Please tell me these are just my seasonal hormones.

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