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Tom didn't mind going out to the mall. In fact, he liked taking a good look at all the stores and seeing whatever seems interesting.

What Tom did mind, however, was shopping with Zendaya. That girl took the phrase "Shop till You Drop" to a whole other level. They have been in and out of the stores for about four hours since 10:00 in the morning. The only time they stopped was to take photos with the fans, who popped up once in a while.

Other than that, it has been a long day. He and Zendaya just got out of another store with Zendaya carrying her purse and one bag of clothes. Tom was carrying his bag of clothes and the rest of Z's bags, which were really heavy by the way.

"Jeez, why is her stuff so heavy? How much did she buy?", Tom thought to himself.

Zendaya stopped abruptly, pointing to the store on her left. She looks at Tom and says,"Tom, we have to go there. They have the most bomb shoes."

Tom smiles and nodded to her. On the inside, he was holding in the urge to groan out loud. They proceeded to the store entrance and made their way through all the shoes.

An employee came up to them and asks,"Hi! Do you guys need any help picking out some shoes?"

Zendaya thinks for a moment and says,"Yeah, I'm looking for something that's new. Something that maybe just came in."

"Any specific brand?"

"No, just something that is fresh, you know?"

"Yes, hold on one second."

The employee leaves. He comes back with a few chooses. Zendaya and Tom look through them, not finding a pair of sneakers that really stick out to them, until the last pair. The shoes were red with black outline and laces.

Zendaya smiles and says,"Ohh, these ones look cool. Can we get one in my size? I'm size 9."

Zendaya then looks at Tom and smiles. She was happy that he came with her to the mall. He took the time out of his day to go out with her, even if he ended up carrying most of the bags that she got for herself.

Zendaya yells to the worker at the store, who was about to leave to get the shoes, "Hey, can you also get a pair of shoes in a size 11 in men?"

Tom looks at Zendaya with a confused look on his face and asks,"Why did you do that?"

"I want to get you a pair. We can have matching shoes."

Zendaya looks directly at Tom and says,"It's also my way of saying thank you for just being my friend in general."

Tom smiles happily at Z thinking back at all the great times they had. Finally, the employee comes back. Tom and Zendaya pay for their own shoes and walk out the store with Zendaya holding the bag of shoes.

Zendaya says,"We should probably head back to my house now."

They both started towards the exit of the mall. Just as they were about to go out, Zendaya turns back to Tom.

She whispers to him,"Thanks for coming Tom", and places a kiss on his cheek. She exits the mall with Tom right behind her, shocked at the little moment just now.

But, it was in that moment that Tom realized that he didn't mind going out to shop with Z.

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