Chapter 9 | | A....What ?

"We have to get rid of the sluts.", I heard Lisa saying.


"Yeah, I tried to talk to Eddy but he did not listen to me because of the stupid blonde bitch. I mean look at her and look at me, duh.", Kim responded.

"Yeah, same with me and Jackson. Why do they even talk to them ? They are so out of their league, but we don't have to worry about that any longer. Jessica told me she already has a plan of how we can get rid of them. Apparently, that Sofía girl tries to steal Noah away from her and you know Jessica. ", Lisa explained.

What the ?! I do not steal anybody away from anyone. She just can't accept the fact that Noah does not really consider her as his girlfriend. I neither care about him, nor about her. Why do they always pretend to own them. I have a bad feeling and not that kind of bad feeling you've got before you take a math test you did not even study a single bit for. It is far worse than that. When Jessica Weathers plans to get rid of you, you better pack your things up and make yourself scarce. She is obsessed with Noah since forever and claims him to be her property. I never really cared about her, nor did she care about me. I was under the radar and people did not really acknowledge my presence and then Noah came....

Since Noah, Eddy and Jackson entered my life, people actually remember my name. They know who I am. They greet me in the hallway even though I have never ever seen anyone of them in my entire life and that all just happened within a few days. It's unbelievable that people are popular for just good looking. What about personality ? What about things that actually count even after you have left High school. I really do not know if I should be happy about it, regarding the fact that the Queen Bee of our High school wants to slaughter me to death. I'm not kidding.

One time, that is what Paula told me, Noah flirted with some girl who was new to our school. That poor, little girl had no idea of what she would get herself into. Jessica, as the ray of a sunshine she is, put laxative in her water and if you think that is all, I truly hate to disappoint you but you are wrong. She also filmed the whole thing in the girls bathroom and uploaded it on Facebook. I do not think I need to add that she is not on this school anymore.

"I hope she puts that plan into practice as soon as possible. I kept an eye on Eddy since forever and I don't want some low-class bitch to get in my way."

Uhm....what? Low-class bitch ?

"True. Jackson and I are meant for each other. I mean he is hot and I am hot and....well, that is basically it but still.", Lisa said, causing me to let out a chuckle. This girl is just beyond stupid.

"What was that?", Lisa asked.


"I heard something. I think there is someone outside in the hallways.", Lisa added.

Without hesitating one second, I ran down the hallway and hid behind the lockers. I heard the them opening the door and stepping outside of the girls restroom.

"No, there is no one in here. Anyways, we have to get to class if we are late one more time, Mr. Johnson will send us straight to the detention room."

The sound of their steps faded with every centimetre they drew away.


That was close.

I thought about intervening their conversation but that would have made everything worse. Now I have one more reason to stay away from Noah. The less we interact with each other, the less I have to fear. Plus, I have to tell Lizzie and Paula about this because we need to find out what they are up to....

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