Chapter 26

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  Chapter 26


"You can't fire her," Daxton said, "Kamree would never do anything like that. It's a misunderstanding."

"Financials has marked at least five different purchases. A toy store, two bookstores, and two clothing stores. None of which have been approved by the company."

"I'm sure it was a mistake. She probably used the card thinking it was her personal one. People do that all the time."

His father handed him a paper. "People also come forward with the mistake. Not try to cover it up."

Daxton frowned down at the sheet. It was a copy of a detailed bank statement. Near the middle, five lines had been highlighted. Then, right at the top, a funds transfer from another account for $200 was highlighted.

What was Kamree doing?

"I'm sure this is a mistake. She might not know the protocol. Let me talk to her."

David Cavenaugh raised an eyebrow. "If it was intentional, she will be fired. I cannot have employees thinking they can use the card whenever it suits them."

"But if it were a mistake--"

"I cannot let it go. Examples need to be made, otherwise, employees will think we are lax on our rules."

Jeez. He made it sound like every employee at Cavenaugh Productions Inc. had a company credit card. Really there were only five or so floating around in the hands of the higher ups.

The air in the room didn't seem to be enough. Just the thought of Kamree being fired and the devastation it would cause took his breath from him.

Panic. That's what that feeling was. "Just...don't do anything yet. Let me talk to her. Please."

David's lips pressed together. "You have one day. I don't care if she's one of our artists or not. She doesn't get a free pass."

One day. Okay.

Daxton practically fled the office.

What the hell was Kamree thinking?



What the hell was Daxton thinking?

She couldn't be in the recording studio forever. It was only two songs. Really, how long did it take to put two songs on record? She'd been in the recording studio for the second day in a row now. The first half of her work shift went by, then after lunch, Daxton had immediately put her in the booth with Adam.

She liked the song, had no problems with the song, but was almost at the point where she considered having Daxton give it to someone else.

It didn't fit her voice. Now, Adam was battling with the best way to modify it to fit hers.

After another run through, Kamree sighed and yanked off her bulky black headphones. Back in the control room, Adam shot her an empathetic look. "We'll get this."

She pinched the bridge of her nose. "I know. It's just...I feel like I'm letting Daxton down."

"Not every song is for every artist. That's why some artists write songs for other people and end up giving them away."

"This is Daxton's song. I can't give it up."

"Then we will have to figure something out."

"At this rate, I might as well sing it acapella. Like a pop lullaby." At least lullabies she was good at. She ran a hand over her face.

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