Odd Little Roomy

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Ashton's POV

Parties. The life of a wild, young adult depends on the socialization of parties. Alcohol, girls, alcohol and food. All free, every weekend. All weekend. Friday to Monday morning.

Though I could live without the lipstick stains and hangovers. It was worth it. Most of the time.

I didn't expect to get mad at my roommate, or beat him up. It was his fault though. He should've known better than to call me a cock sucking pussy ass faggot. His exact words too. It was no wonder I saw red, then beat the living shit out of him.

I didn't feel bad, just pitied the fact he didn't know I had a short fuse. Or didn't remember.

I honestly thought they'd just give me my own room. Guess not. Nope I got stuck with another roommate.

I was knocked out of thought when the cold rain hit me. Plus my three suit cases.

"My new roomy just had to be on the other side of campus. " I groaned as I began walking to the other boy dorm rooms.

I guess he was a study freak. This university has two group categories for their dorms.

The party people dorms, people who were just trying to have fun in life. And the studying, work your ass off, nerd folk who just stayed I their dorms all the time. Waisting perfectly good energy on books.

But that was just my opinion.

Once I got to the room, I realized I never got the room key.

"Fucking fantastic." I mumbled as I wandered my way through the navy blue halls.

Beige doors were placed everywhere, left right. How nerdy. I thought dryly.

After dripping on the carpet for ten minutes, I found the room and knocked on the door.

I heard shuffling then little footsteps and the door was swung open with a slight grunt.

The man in front of me, however, was not what I was expecting. No, not at all.

He was around six foot, but still shorter than me. I'd have to tease him about that later. He had pitch black hair that had once been shaved on the sides and kept long on the top. It was messy and all over the place, not to mention uneven. He had piercing green eyes, I couldn't explain the colour because it was a green I've never seen before. They were light, but vibrantly glowing. He was pale, I'm guessing because he never left his room.

What struck me more is he didn't have any glasses. Maybe he was wearing contacts. Yeah that would explain his eyes.

"Hey little roomy." I heard myself say. Annoyance flickered in his eyes and he turned around and sat down at his desk. Completely ignoring me.

Well, I guess I won't be having parties here.

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