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The Player and me chapter 1 *rewritten*

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Hiya guys! So, like I promised, I rewrote my story, but this is only chapter one. Once I finish all the chapters up to chapter 8, I will replace the old version with this new version. Please R&R!!! Mostly review, I love reading all your comments!!!

Chapter 1: Just the beginning

As the bell rang, I slammed my locker shut and padded my way through the hallway. It was 2:00 and we were finally free from Hell High.

Wait! It really wasn't called Hell High, but I wish it was. How awesome would that be? It's really called Beverly High, but I call it Hell High because that's what it is. Hell on earth.

Fake, Bitchy, Platinum Barbie's and desperate, steroid taking, moron Ken dolls.

Bringing you down and asking you out.


The only person who helped me survive here in hell, was my Bffuwd, Best friend forever until we die, Macie Ryans.

She was the best. Brown hair and hazel eyes. We have been friends since kindergarten. Even since I helped her when some bully kicked her off the slide. I saw her crying and went to help her while kicking the bully in the shin and then in the ribs. I then shared my cookies with her. Good times, Good times.

Today, Macie was going to bring me to her house to meet her older brother, Lucas, who just came home from college. Then afterwards, we were going to blockbuster to pick up some sappy movies, a jar of Ben and Jerry's chocolate ice cream and spend the night at my house watching them. It was our tradition every Friday to do so. Just us Girls.

We usually stayed up the whole night, since the next day we had no school.

The movies we usually watched were classics like: Titanic (Jack died!), The Notebook (She finally remembered! And he waited all those years!), A walk to remember (Jamie died, and so young! Right after there marriage.*sigh* poor Landon), Cruel Intentions (Sebastian dies, cause of stupid Katherine!), Romeo and Juliet (*sigh* no comment), Lion King (No!!! Mufasa! F**k you scar!), Prom night ( He stalks her!) and The Nightmare on Elm street (creepy dude, and freaky nightmares!)

It was really fun and we had popcorn and soda and other junk food. But we weren't fat which was a major advantage!

Snapping out of my thoughts, I realized I was at her car. A black Camry.

OH SNAP!!! *cue the snapping fingers* I forgot to introduce myself! Sorry! My name is Carter Andrews, I'm 17, a junior in high school and your average teen girl. I was 5'8, jet black hair, ocean blue eyes, and clear skin with natural pinkish cheeks. Button nose and awesome fashion sense. Right now I was wearing a black and white striped shirt with a sleeveless purple vest on top. It was paired with black skinny jeans, purple pumps, large purple hoop earrings and purple bangles. It was attention grabbing.

Sliding into her car, I turned the stereo on to my favorite song. Mama by My Chemical romance (A/N: I have the YouTube video on the side, it's an awesome song, check it out!)

A few seconds later Macie came in, started the car and we started to drive while singing along the way.

We were giggling by the time we reached her house.

She parked it into her driveway and there was another car there that I always wanted. I tried not to drool but it was hard with your dream car right there.

It was a 2007 Lamborghini Gallardo Nera! The car wasn't that expensive, it was about 160 - 190 thousand dollars, but dammit! My parents didn't want to spoil me with this car. So they bought me an Aston Martin DB9 coupe which was $179,450. So much for not spoiling me.

I sighed and let Macie drag me to the front door.

She took out her keys and opened the lock.

"Lucas! I'm home and I have a friend with me!" She yelled into the empty hall.

About a second later we heard footsteps thudding down the stairs.

I looked up and my breath caught.

Coming down the stairs was the hottest guy I had ever seen!

Almost as if he knew the effect he had on me, he winked!

Ah! The nerve of that jerk! Why do all the handsome one's have to be cocky and arrogant.

Sigh. I should've known better.

Oh Well.

Okay! So that was chapter one, and I hoped you liked the new version of it.

Please tell me whether or not you like it. I would appreciate the effort.





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