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Hi there to all people who are reading and enjoying the Black Moon series!

The Black Moon series will include five books for now (there might be more in the future if inspiration is still around) and they all recount the stories of four childhood friends who are Dominants in a BDSM club in Chicago, as well as their Submissives.

This book of one shots could be considered as a collection of bonus chapters with more scenes with the main characters, either together or in other relationships, but it will also include scenes with secondary characters.

This is going to be a work of slow progress that I will update as inspiration hits me or when I need a break from the main books. I already have quite a few ideas as well as a few more suggested by greedy readers, so enjoy!

Warning: these will all be MxM action obviously (don't expect Tony and Liz, or Allan and his wife, nor Mark's parents, right...); there will be some BDSM, threesomes, foursomes, maybe "moresomes".

In one word, some smut!

Posted on 12 March 2017
The first one shot is coming today. And since Twisted Moon is about to be published, it will be a special scene with Camden, outside of the club ;)

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