Chapter 19

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"If it weren't for Charlotte, I think I'd just stay here forever. I could die happily in this chair, drinking and objectifying the cute pool bar boy."

"I know," Layla groaned, adjusting her sunglass on her face. "The real world can shove it."

A sudden vibration sounded off on the table next to me, eliciting a whiny groan to slip from the pit of my throat.

"That's the fourth time he's called you, babe. You should just answer and see what he wants."

"It's my birthday weekend and he knows it! He's just trying to fuck it up for me." 

Finally, my phones ringing died down once again. That was the fourth time Dominic had called me in the last half hour and to say his incessant calling was getting on my nerves was putting it mildly.

"What's going on with you two, anyways? Isn't he married?" Layla inquired.

"There's nothing going on with us because he is married, no matter how much he tries to act like he isn't." I muttered the last part under my breath, grabbing for my cocktail perched on the table next to me and letting the alcohol defuse any anxious thoughts that came with the subject of my boss.

"What do you mean he acts like he isn't?" 

Then, at full-tilt, Layla jumped in her reclined sunbathing chair, catching my attention as she flipped her sunglasses up onto her head, her eyes alight with interest.

"Did something happen between you two? Something more than just what happened the night of the party?" 

Instead of answering, I opted for finding the straw of my drink with my tongue and sucking it down like liquid gold.

"Kat! You lucky slut! You fucked him, didn't you?!" 

"No!" I scolded, slapping Layla on her tanned arm.

"We just kissed, okay? Nothing more, nothing less. And it will never happen again so its really not even a conversation that needs to be had."

"Oh no, you're not backing out of this one that easily." Layla tossed her legs over the chair, bringing herself to sit up as she leaned forward, entirely engaged within this conversation. 

"Tell me everything."

Over the course of the next 30 minutes, I recalled to Layla everything that had conspired between Dominic and I. I spoke of the enigmatic connection between us, I gave her a play by play of our passionate kiss, and told her about Heather's warning.

We drank and gossiped, letting the golden sun sink into our flesh, warming our bodies in synchronization with the alcohol.  

The pool bartender made eyes at both Layla and I as we laid out by the pool, undoubtedly pulling attention to ourselves as we laughed, yelled out, and let the alcohol take its full effect.

By the end of my story, we were both well on our way to drunk and fully energized from the details of my whirlwind of a tale.

"That's... fuck. That's just a whole shit storm of a situation."

"Trust me, I know."

"Wait, so this Heather chick says she and her husband are gonna have another baby but from what you've said, she sounds like a conniving bitch. How do you even know she's telling the truth?" 

"Because that's a human life she would be lying about! Heather's not even selfish enough to lie about that. Plus, I could tell. She was pretty vulnerable when she said it."

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