(Attack on Titan)Petra Ral x Titan Shifter! Reader

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Your P.O.V.

          I ran as fast as I could. My gear stopped working and a 15 meter titan was chasing me. Tears fell down my face as I screamed for help,"Someone save me!" 

          My legs were beginning to ache.  Suddenly, they went numb and I fell to the ground hard. I'm breathing heavily. The titan towered over me, as it stood still I could see it devilish grin. It reached down and grabbed me with its huge hand. It kept a tight grip which could almost crush me. 

         Its mouth gapped open. The human killer, the only thing that everyone is terrified of, a titan, was about to eat me. I let my limbs fall as if I were already dead. I was giving up. No one is going to come and save me. I came out here on my own and I didn't tell anyone. If I scream no one will hear me.

        I took this as my chance and pulled my arms up. I took out one of my knives and stabbed my arm. The titan's hand flew off and I shiftered into a titan myself.  I was a 30 meter titan, so I was able to take this titan down with ease.

Petra's P.O.V.

       I heard a huge roar and a bang and I shot out of bed. I quickly put on my gear and headed out. As I moved closer the sounds grew louder. A flock of birds flew past me and the sound of thunder could be heard as the land animals stampede away from the sounds.

       I got to where the noise was and saw two titans fighting. One was a male 15 meter titan. The other was a female 30 meter titan. The female titan picked up her foot and crushes the male on with her food. It only took that and the male titan was done. 

      I stared at the female titan in awe and think,"She took down the titan with ease and she looks like..I can't believe in saying this, but she looks like (y/n)". I slow down and stop on the branch right next to the female titan's face. I was scared, but I felt like she wasn't going to hurt me, like I could trust her. 

      She looked at me and opened her mouth letting what seemed like steam come from her mouth. She then held out her hand and brought it up to me. I reluctantly took a step onto the ginormous hand and watched for her next move.

     She knelt down and places me on the ground and slowly her body started to decay. Her bones went away with her skin and soon there was nothing left but a girl, my height, standing there with a sad expression. I took this as my chance and got closer to her. What I saw made my stomach turn into butterflies. It was (y/n).

     I quickly run to her and hug her tight,"(Y/n)! (Y/n)! Thank goodness you are ok! You haven't shone up to any of the training and I've been worried sick about you. Don't ever worry me like that again!"

     I felt her slowly hugs back. She was definitely hesitant. I pulled her closer to me. After about 5 minutes of hugging her I leaned back and placed a soft, gentle kiss on her lips. She slowly kissed back and put more butterflies in my stomach. We stayed there kissing each other for the rest of the night.

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