Author's Note + Sequel

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Woah, what a ride it has been

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Woah, what a ride it has been. I am beyond thankful for the loving support from you all. I couldn't begin to thank you all for clicking on my little story about a kid who gets bitten by a spider. It's been months and I've had so much fun writing about Florence and digging into her past to show you how she became the girl she is today. Many readers didn't like her to begin with but I hope now you do and understand why she was like that. Her relationship with Peter will continue to grow and I'm excited to share with you, that their story isn't ending just yet.

Book two is called Us Against The World and is already posted. It follows the main story of Homecoming, so the bulk of chapters will be posted with the movie coming out soon. But I already have a few ideas up my sleeve for the gang, including a few familiar faces returning that I haven't gotten to truly include yet; Cindy Moon and Betty Brant and maybe a few more familiar faces from the comics and my marvel stories. 

This story most of all is dedicated to supportive and loyal fans that actually voted and commented or even both with each new update. You are so lovely and went out of your way to show support with the story and in my writing and not simply ghost reading (because we all know I hate that with a passion), you kind souls are the reason the world is good.

Anyway, thank you to the moon and back for supporting the series and I can't wait to share the next chapter of Fleter with you all very soon.

With love,

Tinkerdaydust x

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