Chapter Nineteen: Fan Fiction

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"What are you doing?" you ask, walking into the living room.

"Well, I was going to look something up, but when I opened the laptop I found something very interesting already open."

Your eyes go wide. What had I left open?

"Really, Bea? Fan fiction? About me? You know you can just kiss me anytime. You don't need to read about it."

You feel the heat creeping into your face.

"How long have you been reading this stuff?"

"Um..." You're flustered.

"Hm? How long?" He gives you a stern look, but you see that in his eyes, he's smiling.

"Um, maybe...a year?" You're sure that your face can't grow any more red.

"A year?! We've only known each other that long! Bea!" He shakes his head and smiles. "I don't know how I feel about this!" He looks back at the computer and starts to read. "His kiss is strong and firm. He pulls me onto his lap and-Hey! I'm reading that!"

You pull the laptop away from him and close it.

"Not anymore."



"Why do you read fan fictions about me?"

You feel your face get hot again. You look at him and you see his stupid smirk.

"Because you're not always here, and sometimes I need to get away from the world!" 

"I love it when you blush. I especially love it when I'm the one to make you blush." That's when you realize that he doesn't care about the fan fiction. He's only saying this stuff to make you blush.

"That's not very nice. You know how self conscious I can get. Especially around you."

"I know," he says slyly, pulling you next to him.

He leans over so his lips are touching your neck. He plants each kiss slowly and tenderly, as though he's caring for a delicate flower. Suddenly, his lips are gone, no longer making contact with your skin.

"Let's play a game!"


"Let's play hide and seek."

You look at the grown man sitting next to you. "My apartment is too small for that."

"No it's not! C'mon it'll be fun! Please?" He gives you his best pouting face and those puppy dog eyes you can't refuse.


"Good! You hide, and I'll seek." He closes his eyes and starts counting.

Where am I supposed to hide? You get off the couch and tiptoe to the bedroom. The closet is as good a place as any. You step into the dark room and close the door behind you. You crouch down in the corner and wait.

"Ready or not, here I come!" You hear from the living room.

You hear the bedroom door open and footsteps moving around the room. Light floods the closet.

"I found you," he laughs, taking your hand and pulling you out. "My turn. Go in the living room and count to twenty!"

You follow his instructions.

"Fourteen. Fifteen. Sixt-" You feel something plop down next to you. "What are you doing? You're supposed to be hiding."

"You're right, your apartment is too small to play. One day, we'll have a big house together. Then we can play hide and seek for hours."

"Tell me more." You lean your head on his shoulder. You love the thought of living with Tom.

"It'll be big. With bedrooms for the children. We'll have a study, with lots of books. A piano in the main room. We'll teach the children Tolkien, Dickens, Shakespeare."

You raise an eyebrow.

"You're right, Shakespeare will come first."

You laugh. "You're perfect. I don't understand how one human being can be so flawless. It's not fair."

"Well I'm sorry for being born. Besides, if I'm perfect, what does that make you?"


"Maybe for an angel."

"That was smooth."

"I try." He kisses you on the forehead.

"Is that really where you see yourself in five or ten years? In a big house with kids running around?"

"If that's what you want, then yes."

"What about what you want?"

"I already have it."


Thanks to everyone who's been reading! It's a lot of fun to write, and I really love knowing that people are reading and enjoying. Feedback is always welcome. I've gotten some really nice messages about it, so thanks again for reading.

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