More Joyful Tears. Part 77

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10th March 2017 All Rights Reserved.

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Sarah's POV...

Organising dinner for that night wasn't much different from any other dinner party we usually have at home. It was just that this time, we have special guests that were meeting up for the first time. Henry was going to love it.

I know I was going to as well. And of course, Alice.

Barb was excited as I was while we were waiting for the Finleys to arrive with Henry and Alice. Us girls were sorting out all the salads while the men were all outside organising the cooking.

It never failed to surprise me when all the men do that. It only takes one man to do the cooking, yet the lot of them were out there helping out. Anyway, us ladies had just about finished getting everything ready when Joy went upstairs to freshen up again before dinner when the doorbell went off.

" I'll just get that. " Jenny said as she quickly wiped her hands and after tossing the cloth onto the bench, she hurried to the door. A moment later, we heard her excitedly invite the others in.

" What a lovely home. " Celia said as she appeared in the doorway to the family room off the kitchen where we could see her looking around. I gave her a wave when she saw me smiling at her.

" Thank you. Jimmy did most of the renovations when he and Mitch had time off from work." Jenny replied to her as she helped everyone get comfortable.

" We will all be eating out on the rear patio when the men have finished with the cooking. You men may as well join them outside if you like. We ladies will be fine in here having a chat." Jenny was telling them before we watched the few men that came along all move off in the direction Jenny pointed to.

Henry stayed here with us, of course. I saw Barb about to go and do something, but I headed into the kitchen and put the kettle on for a cuppa tea.

" I was going to do that, you know." I heard Barb whisper into my ear. But I just smiled at my friend as I got the pots and cups all ready.

" We also received visitors this afternoon. They will be joining us for dinner as well?" Jenny went on to say to Alice and Henry, after they had been served a cuppa while waiting for all the cooking to be done.

" That sounds lovely. We always enjoy meeting new faces." Henry went on to say with a smile.

" Something smells nice." Celia said which had the rest of us sniffing the air before smiling in agreement.

Then we all sat around on either couches or chairs for a few more minutes having a chat. Mostly about babies and the fact that we were both expecting twins in a few months. So of course, the topic was all about babies. Then the back door opened and Reid walked in the door with Micah on his heels and came straight across to greet Henry and Alice along with the others members of their family.

I wasn't surprised that Peter looked a little miffed at his daughter. I would imagine that home would be interesting with all this hooplah that has just happened regarding Melly copying and replacing that ledger. But it's all water under the bridge now anyway.

We all began to move up and off the chairs and make our way out to the patio to get comfortable while waiting for dinner to be finished cooking.

I saw Barb whispering to Jenny a couple of times after looking around. But it must not have been that important when Jenny just shrugged her shoulders. The fact that her face went a little pinker than usual I think was because her husband was here. They looked very affectionate with each other and weren't afraid to show it.

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