Bruces blood

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Emeralds POV
I grabbed my jacket and Dads gun and went out the door. I grabbed the car keys when I felt a hand on my shoulder.
"Emerald let me drive you. Your Dad will kill me when he gets out if anything happened to you." I sighed and handed nick the keys.
"I would of been fine." We got in the car and he started driving.
"So where are you going?"
"Wayne manor." I could still feel the anger burning inside me. I opened the glove compartment to see if I could find anything useful. There were some grenades, laughing gas and a knife. I took them all and put them in my pockets.

We pulled up outside and I got out the car.
"Do you want me to wait here?" I shook my head.
"I'm hoping to come out with a bat mobile.I may need a few days though."

I walked up to the door and before knocking I forced myself to cry. I began to shake and deepened my breathing.
I knocked on the door quietly. The door opened a crack and I just looked at the floor.
"You must come in miss. Eric is in the main living room upstairs." Without saying a word I nod and hurry upstairs. I open the door and waited for him to hear my sobs.
"Emerald what's wrong?" He got up and ran to me. He wrapped his arms around me and I forced myself to collapse into him. I didn't answer his question I just cried. I gripped his shirt and he guided me to the sofa.
"I'm sorry I made a huge mistake. I don't wanna end up where they are. I wanna help you and your dad. I don't wanna end up in that place." I pleaded and he just pulled me in close.
"Let me talk to my dad." I nodded as he kissed my forehead and left.

He came back in a few minutes later followed by Bruce. I pretended to have calmed down a little bit but still kept up the act.
"So let me get this straight." Bruce said as he said opposite me.
"You wanna join us." I nodded weakly.
"I don't wanna end up in Arkham. I don't wanna be like my parents. I didn't wanna tell Dad but I hated causing the fear that I did. I hated it." Eric pulled me into him again. Bruce stood up.
"A weeks trial Quinn." I smiled at him.
"Thank you... do you mind if I stay here?" He thought for a moment.
"Put her in the third spare bedroom." Eric nodded and Bruce left. Eric leaned back and I curled up into him. He stroked my hair and I hid my face and let a smile spread across it. I was in now I only had to perform part two of my plan.
"Is that a smile I feel Em?" I giggled.
"Maybe. I mean what isn't there to be happy about? I get to turn my life around and I get to be here with you." I leaned up and kissed him before returning to his chest.

Jokers POV
I was pushed into the social room. I hated it in here and sadly they had figured that out. I saw Ivy sitting on the sofa and two face in the corner. I growled and turned to the game table. They were playing poker. There were three men and two girls. One had long blonde hair the was tucked into the back of her shirt.
"LOOK I DONT CARE WHAT YOU SAY MR J ALWAYS SAID." I froze when I heard her voice.
"What have I always said Harls?" She jumped up and ran towards me. I picked her up and kissed her. It had only been a few hours since I heard her screaming so I didn't want to bring it up. I stopped kissing her but didn't put her down. I scanned her body for any signs of hurt but there was nothing. I walked over to where two face was sitting. Harley leaned down and whispered in my ear.
"Not a bad idea Harls." Two face looked at me concerned. I looked at Ivy who went to look away but must of seen Harley. She sighed and walked over to us.
"Come on harv and maybe if you move we could talk more about what you wanted to talk about the other day." He looked at us then looked at Ivy. He stood up and walked over to the little sofa.
"You owe me Harls." She walked back over to him. I sat down with Harley on my lap. She looked over her shoulder.
"Do you think they would notice if we finally finished what we started?"
"Harley baby don't get me started." She giggled and kissed me passionately. She thrusted ever so slightly.
I pulled away from the kiss and she bit her lip. I shook my head and tried to resist the urge to take her right then.
"What's up Puddin?" She asked seductively and kissed my neck.
Suddenly we heard Ivy cough. Harley looked up and saw a guard opening the door. She kissed me a couple more times before jumping off.
"Harleen." She walked over slowly.
"The names Harley." I couldn't help but stare at her body as she walked away.
"Think of me later!" She shouted as they took her out the room.
"So how is my darling Emerald?" Ivy shouted at me.
"She'll be fine. She's my daughter." Two face laughed.
"What's so funny?" He just turned to the tv.
"What's so funny?!" I stood and walked over to them.
"Don't blow it joker or no more meetings with your girlfriend." One of the guards said to me from the other side of the bars. I growled and walked over to the door.
"Take me back to my cell." The door opened and I was taken back to my cell. I lay on my bed and faced the wall. There was a knocking on my glass.
"Hey puddin." I ran to the glass.
"Harley... how are you out your cell?"
New doctor says I need exercise the cheeky bastard. So I'm allowed out for an hour of walking or running time."
"Their watching me though." She gestured at the cameras.
"Doesn't seem like much exercise to me Quinn." She blew me a kiss and ran down the corridor.
It was then I heard her screaming again.
"HARLEY!" I kicked the glass trying to get out but it was no use. It was then two face walked back into his cell.
"You saw her what are they doing?"
"The same shit they always do." Suddenly metal went down over my window and the back of my door. Great a fucking lockdown. The alarm was sounding which drowned out her screams.

Emeralds POV
I had been at Wayne manor two days but I wasn't allowed in the bat cave. I was allowed to the door but no further.
I got up and went down to find Alfred had set out breakfast on the table.
"Thank you Alfred." I said as I sat down to eat.
"Any reason you're up this early miss?" I shrugged.
"I know they are bad people but they are my parents and I'm worried. I know how horrible Arkham can be to their patients." He smiled and left the room. I played with the food a little only taking a few bites before putting it into the bin.
"And who are you?" I turned to see a dark haired man stood in the door.
"Emerald is staying with us dick." Eric said squeezing past him and into the room.
"Morning gorgeous." He kissed me on the cheek and I heard dick sigh as he left.
"Now he's out the way." He picked me up kissing me passionately. He sat me on the side and kissed my neck. I closed my eyes and tilted my head back.
"Enough." Eric jumped back and looked at Bruce ashamed.
"I won't have any of that here Eric you hear that."
I couldn't help but laugh.
"Jealous much Bruce." I grabbed my coat and walked out the front door. I walked up to the gates of Arkham. They opened slowly for visiting time. I blended in with the crowd even though batman had told them I was allowed to visit but I was still scared. I walked through the scanner and they looked at me surprised when I came up clean. I went and sat at a table with two chairs on the other side. I stood up when I saw mum come in. She lifted her hands up and bent her elbows creating an O. I looked at her confused.
"I wanna a hug and I have handcuffs on." I ducked down and hugged her and she lowered her arms onto my shoulders.
"Quinn that's long enough!" I heard her sigh and we sat at the table.
"Do you think they will let Dad out today?" She shrugged.
"There was another lock down earlier and I don't know if they will baby I hope so." With that the door opened and Dad walked in wearing a straight jacket.
"Hey princess. Hey baby." He kissed mum passionately.
"Can't you do that any other time?" They both laughed.
"Sorry princess but we only get in that stupid room once every two weeks."
They kissed again.
"Joker! Quinn! Any more trouble and you'll be back in your cells." They both laughed and kissed again. He put his straight jacket on the floor. People all around started to panic.
"He's fine honestly if he was gonna kill you he would have." Apparently my words didn't comfort anyone.
"Seriously I'm not here for long and if you two get dragged back to your cells I'm gonna kill both of you." They sighed and pulled away from each other.
"I know you two hands in the table." Mum smiled but Dad growled but they both did as instructed.
"So how are you both they aren't doing anything horrible are they?" Mum shook her head but Dad looked at her making me think otherwise. She clearly didn't wanna talk about it so I didn't ask.
"How are you doing princess are the men taking care of you as if not tell nick and Jonny they are gonna be dead men." I laughed a little.
"I'm staying with Eric. I'm gonna get you out but first I'm gonna kill batman." Mum beamed but Dad frowned. He slammed his hands onto the table.
"What do you mean you're staying with Eric! If he lays a finger on you I'll kill him!" With that his arms were pulled behind his back.
"Fuck sake Dad! I'm 16 I can do what I want! If I wanna fuck him I'll fuck him!" They put an injection in his neck and he passed out. I stormed off.
"Emerald wait."
"I love you mum I'll see you in two days." Dad started to come round. He looked at me anger in his eyes as I stood in the door.
"Bye Dad I've got people to do." I laughed as he went to pull away but he was too weak. I walked out and as soon as I got out the door I began to cry. My sadness soon turned to anger. I wiped my tears and stormed back to the manor.

By the time I got back it was 11pm. I had wondered around for a little bit and had a little to drink but it wasn't noticeable. I walked in and kissed Eric passionately.
"Didn't you hear me earlier Quinn not in my house." I got out my phone and called nick.
"Come get me but bring the van or something with enough room for me and Eric." I hung up and kissed Eric again.
"Problem solved." I dragged him out the front door and pushed him against the wall. I kissed his neck and let my hands wander over him. After a few minutes the van pulled up. I dragged him int the back.
"Take us home." I sat on his lap and kissed him the whole way there. I took him into mum and dads room and pushed him on the bed.

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