Chapter 17

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*Sowon POV*

I woke up and checked my phone. I got so many messages and calls from Jin. I decided not to look or view them. I got up and dress myself for school. I didn't want to go but I have to for the science test. I can't fail this test I have to do good.

"Sowon?" Jin held my hand softly. He was gentle with me, he wasn't in a rush he was gentle almost as if he was scared to hurt me.

"What is it Jin?" I look at him. I gave him a smile so he won't know what I'm feeling.

"Look about yesterday-"

"Let's not talk about it okay? It's better off this way." I said but he look on his face was different. It was as if he didn't want me to leave until we talk. "I'll see you around." I free my hand, waving to him. I walk away knowing this was the best answer for us.

I got to class seeing Eunji. She smile at me as she told me her and mark talked it out. I was happy for her but feeling miserable at own situation.

"Are you okay? You look horrible." She touch my face a bit to make sure I wasn't burning up or anything.

"Me and Jin broke up." I brought it out of me.

"You guys what?"

"I broke it up. I couldn't do it no more." My tears escaped my eyes. "Gosh I said I wouldn't cry." I laughed at how bad I was holding myself together.

"Why did you broke it up? I mean there's no reasons to. Unless he cheated or something..."

"This whole relationship was a lie. Jin doesn't like me he never did. He likes you Eunji." She stood there staring at me without saying anything. "Eunji..."

"Why would you Sowon? I told you to never do this.."

"I know but the plan he had was for me to date him just to get you jealous but it didn't seem to work and I just happen to fall for him more and more." I cried with every word. It's so wired to be the one feeling all kind of emotion when this relationship wasn't even real to begin with.

"Sowon you shouldn't have. Why would you?" She said.

"I don't know. I wanted my feelings to go away and the silly me think, if I got you to like him my feelings will be gone. I wouldn't have to deal with liking him." I wipe my tears as I look at Eunji. "It's okay now... it's over and we're done."

She hugged me tightly. "I'm sorry Sowon that you went through that because of me."

"I wanted to do it, Eunji you have nothing to be sorry for."


School went on as a regular day. Nothing change except me and Jin are not talking. Avoiding him as he does the same to me.

Minutes became hours and hours become days. It's hard to pretend I don't care about Jin when every time I see him in just want to go talk to him. He seems to be doing fine without me.

The love in his eyes was for someone else now. Nayeon, it was great that he was moving on. What did I expected from a handsome guy? Of course he wouldn't like me and move on quick once I leave him. Maybe he and I needed this break up along.

I got home from school and went straight to my room. That's all I been doing nowadays. My days been on repeat everyday. Coming home from school just to stay in bed. I don't feel like doing anything at all. I hate this feeling. I don't feel like eating or doing anything fun. This house just makes me think of him even more. I tried to not think about him but he creeps back into my mind somehow.

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