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i am ending the hidden chapters here. it was supposed to be until chapter ten, but i have been so much busy (and i will be much busier) and i don't want you guys waiting too much.

i am entering college next school year, and i'll be taking up medicine so... idk.


after ten strong years of being in a relationship with the big baby (sort of?)

"Say that one more time and I swear I'm going to leave you for good."

I huffed as I turned my back on him, trying to go back to sleep. Ten, on the other hand, continued to whine and bothered me endless.

"We both know you won't do that. You've said that line since 2017 and see, it's almost 2028... we're still together."

"Try me now, bitch."

"Winter~" Ten hugged me from my waist and cooed. "Just please go with me in this Greece trip, oh?"

"I don't know, Chittaphon. Why don't you ask that girl from... what's her name again? That one from the girl group?"

"But I told you that was just acting!" He fake cried, "Please let us not have this conversation again."

His tone seemed to have a serious note on his last sentence though. I can't blame him for that, because conversations like these just makes us remember what happened in between the years of our on-off relationship.

Of course, just like any other reality, our relationship as a couple wasn't perfect. It wasn't close to that, at all.

➹ ➹ ➹

"Ten fucking Chittaphon, don't you dare leave me here all alone or I'll chop your junior off!"

Ten hurriedly scurried back towards my direction. "But love, I have to go and order some food. I'll come back after five minutes, okay honey?"

I huffed. "You better be."

To be honest, I thank him for keeping up with me. I've been having mood swings lately (thank you, stress and lack of sleep) and unfortunately I have been lashing it out on him. I feel so sorry for him, he doesn't deserve someone like me.

I didn't know I was spacing out for a long time when I heard my phone ringing. I immediately picked it up and answered the call.

"That was exactly 20 and a half rings before you answered the call, Ms. Jeon. Do you really hate me that much?"

"Oh, just shut up, Winwin."

Memories from ten years before comes flashing back. Turns out the reason why he left before our graduation was that he saved me.

"What an answer." He laughed.

Winwin asked the help of his parents to help me get out of Seulgi's grasp. He never did that before, asking his parents for help or for anything at all since he turned thirteen.

"Why are you calling anyways?"

He sacrificed himself — his parents agreed to give me help (they were more powerful in the industry compared to Kang Seulgi's parents) only if Winwin would come back to China and work in the company, as he is the heir.

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