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— two weeks after graduating

I groaned as the doorbell kept on ringing. I twisted and turned onto my bed, somewhat hoping that Ellie would answer the door.

"Winter Jeon! Wake up and fucking answer the goddamn door it's 9 o'clock in the morning, you bitch!"

Great. Just great.

It's early in the morning and she just shouted at least three curses at me. What a way to start my day.

I quickly stood up and fixed myself. Whoever that man outside the gates is, I swear I'm going to skin him alive for disturbing my sleep.

"Good morning, ma'am! Is this Ten and Winter Chittaphon's house?" An old man who looks like a mailman asked me as soon as I went out the gates.

I looked at him in confusion.

When did I and Ten got married?

Well, I use to dream of it, but... okay, I'm lost. Why is this mailman addressing me as Mrs. Chittaphon?


What the heck would I answer?! I mean, I am Winter and I know Ten ('cause duh, he's my overprotective-and-most-of-the-time-jealous-more-woman-than-me boyfriend) but my surname's not Chittaphon!

"Don't you know what your name is?" The man scoffed.

"Are you sure that's the right address, sir?"

He looked at the envelope and nodded. "Yeah, I'm 500% sure it is the right address."

I was going to tell him to check again, but I was cut off by a hand sneaking around my waist and pulling me close to his body.

Speaking of the hot devil.

"Hi, baby." Ten said, as he kissed my cheek. He turned to the mailman and asked, "Good morning, sir. Can I help you?"

"Ah, yeah. Are you Mr. Ten and Mrs. Winter Chittaphon? This mail is supposed to be dropped off at this address."

Ten chuckled. "Oh, why yes we are them. Thank you." He then signed at the papers.

He smiled at the mailman while I looked at him confused. The old man then looked at me and said, "Good thing your husband came. Next time, please remember your name, young lady."

I just laughed awkwardly and nodded. "I-I'm sorry." I bowed.

Once the mailman left, Ten turned to me again and hugged me. "Mhm, you still smell good even you haven't taken a bath yet." He laughed.

"Psh. You know I always smell good."

"Yeah, yeah. You always sound good too."

My eyes automatically enlarged at his statement and felt my face blush a thousand times.


➹ ➹ ➹

"So, how did you possibly win this without showing them a marriage contract?" Ellie asked.

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