Part 18*

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Malhotra & Associates: 

Ramnath: Shravan beta, I need to tell you something very important. But before that, I have someone here that you need to meet.

Ramnath goes outside and comes back in within a mintue, with none other than Nirmala Ahuja. Shravan is shocked to see her there, he begins to get angry.

Shravan: How dare you come here! (Shravan storms at her)

Nirmala: (with tears in her eyes) Shravan Beta-------

Shravan: (angered) Just shut up!!! And don't you dare call me Beta because I am not your son.

Nirmala: Shrav------ (crying)

Shravan: Your son is Aditya remember. Who I am huh? A mistake? A responsiblity that you didn't want to handle? (storming) But listen very careful Nirmala Ahuja I-----

Ramnath: Malhotra, Nirmala Malhotra.....(cutting Shravan off)

Shravan: Papa? What are you saying? And why is she here? (glaring at a sobbing Nirmala)

Ramnath: Shravan, beta I called her here. Actually I need to talk to you about something. And I know that after hearing this you will never call me Papa once more nor will you trust me but----

Shravan: Papa, what are you say? I trust you more than anyone.

Ramnath: That is the sad part Shravan, that you trusted me. Shravan I am not worthy of any of this. Of your trust or your love. (guilty and looking at the ground)

Shravan: Papa?

Ramnath: Listen to me very carefully beta, whatever I am about to tell you is the truth........the truth that you deserve to know and the truth that I had been hiding from you for that past 10 years.

Shravan: Papa what are you talking about? (getting worried and scared)

Outside of PCT:

Suman sees that Shravan has left. Suddenly she gets a text from Ramnath uncle.

Ramanth's text: Suman, I am going to tell Shravan the truth and that is why I have called him. I know that after hearing the truth he with no longer trust or love me, but I need you to take care of him. Suman, I need you to keep him from breaking apart. Please come here and stay by his side. You are the only person that he trusts.

Sumo's text: Don't worry Uncle, I am coming right away.

Suman leaves PCT and tries to find a taxi as Shravan had not let her drive in her state. She is waiting for a taxi when Aditya comes right in front of her.

Sumo: ADITYA! (shocked) A-aditya w-what are y-you d-doing her? LEAVE!! (slightly scared)

Aditya: Suman, why are you scared huh? (as if nothing had happened between them)

Sumo: Aditya I said leave! Stay away from me!! (getting slightly braver)

Aditya: Suman, I will leave. But..........

Sumo: BUT WHAT??!! I am telling you Aditya, if you try to even come close to me, Shravan will----

Aditya: Will what? What will he do? (narrowing his eye)

Malhotra & Associates: 

Ramnath: Shravan, remember when I told you about your mother leaving with another man, Ahuja? When I told you that she had an affair and ran away, leaving you behind. When I said that she never once came back to check on you, or that she didn't care about you?

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