#TeamCyberPunk - Part Four: Why Am I Here? - @NateTru

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Flights of Fantasy - Part 2 - RoshelleD

Her headphones beeped.

"Speak of the Devil," she said to herself as she saw Krono's name appear in the lens she wore over her left eye. She let the phone go to voicemail. She'd have to talk to him later.

Sadly enough he'd been separated from Persephone for a time when they'd been found three nights later in Crescent City. But thankfully they'd reunited right here on Continent 4 in time for her to give birth to their daughters. Krono had settled into his new role. He used his magic to try and restore memories and help get evil off of the streets.

Evil was turning into a difficult target and he found it easier to work under cover of night. That and he didn't want to draw attention to his magic. The Efficiency wasn't here but The Ministry was. Although the trials were over, Krono could get a bit paranoid. He had something on them, and though Max didn't know what it was, she could understand how he needed to keep his children safe. Max smiled to herself. Seeing them was a bright spot with living here. And even though she usually went to sleep depressed at the state of events in the city, she still found a way to wake up each morning and press on.

"Earth to Max. Too much time on that headset again?"

Max looked up to see her overweight boss. Richard Lawton also known as Dick. It fit since he was one. Good to see he was in his usual mood. She didn't mention his alcohol stash, yet he had to bring the VR into it. "Just like you, I can do my job just fine."

"Sure you can. All those unsolved tablets on your desk are the proof."

Max tugged at her collar. Walked into that one. She should learn to stop blurting out the first thing that came to mind. "Was there something you needed?"

"Have you come up with anything on that Wright case?"

"We have a couple of suspects in the hospital ward. Why?"

"You're gonna have to cut 'em loose. We won't be able to hold them for much longer."

Was he serious? She rubbed her temples as the brightness of the light slowly became too much. The pungent odor from the coffee pellets wasn't helping either and her stomach started swimming. Damn her for leaving her migraine shots at home. She'd have to go and get them. Another round of VR would help too.

Max cleared her throat and went back to her chair. "I don't think it's a good idea to release them."

"You don't get paid to think. You're here to solve murders. Or do I need to remind you of what they'd do at the Ministry of Alteration." The man coughed before he shuffled out.

"No, Sir. You don't." The colorless walls closed in on her, so Max turned toward the window and dialed Krono, fuming as the phone rang.

What made him so damned special?

As she stared at the sparsely decorated office she came up with the answer.



Why Am I Here? 

by NateTru

Trust the Computer. The Computer is your friend, she said.

How was I supposed to know that a quick trip to a world of virtual reality would end up like this?

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