Liam was right.  Management did kill us.  Not even a minute after we got off the air, Liam's phone started ringing.  "He-hello?" he stuttered.  "Yeah, I know. I"m sorry.  It wasn't our intention.  I know I should've been more careful.  She's my girlfriend!  It's pretty hard no to.  If I have to.  I'm sorry again.  Bye." he frowned as he ended the call.  I didn't ask what he was told.  I already knew what was said.  They wanted us to break-up.  That's not happening.  "They don't want us to break-up.  They know it was an accident you getting on camera.  We need to be more careful next time.   Better you than anyone else.  I'm not really anyone's favorite member anyway." he sat down next to me and pulled him onto his lap.  "You're my favorite.  That's all that matters." I smiled.

"Nice going Liam." Kay commeneted quietly.  "What do you want Kay?" Liam raised his voice.  "Oh nothing.  You just lied to all of your fans.  You have been for over a year." she said.  "It wasn't my choice!" He took me off his lap and stood.  "Sure it wasn't." Kay stayed sitting.  "You have no right in talking about this.  You had no idea what was going on!" Liam was yelling now.  "If you really liked Char, you would've went public with her awhile ago." Kay examined her nails.  "Shut up!  Just shut up!  No one cares what you think!  No one ever does.  You're just a bitch!" he yelled.  My mouth fell open.  Did he just?  Can't wait for her comeback.  "I may be a bitch, but you're just a coward." she stood, standing face to face with him.  This is going nowhere fast.  "Enough you two.  Follow me." I intercepted them and pulled their arms up the stairs.  "What's going on?" Kay asked as I shoved them into my room.

"You two need to learn to get along.  You're pretty much family.  Until you can be nice to each other, you're staying in here." I turned and slammed the door behind me. I stormed downstairs and didn't talk to anyone for the next half hour.  I sat in front of the clock and stared at it impatiently.  I got bored and decided to go upstairs and check on them.  Either they're dead, or they've made progress.  I'm guessing one of them's dead.  "Hey guys, how's thin-" I stopped and flung the door open.  I couldn't believe what I was seeing.  Liam was making out with Kay on my bed.  My boyfriend was kissing my cousin.  

I slammed the door shut and ran down stairs, taking them two by two.  I felt tears forming.  I didn't care, I let them out.  I ran into the living room, and fell into Harry's lap.  "What's wrong?" he asked as I curled my self into a ball, pulling my knees to my chest and burying my head.  "L-Liam and K-Kay.  They were... they were k-kissing." the tears fall harder.  I placed my head on Harry's shoulder.  He stroked my hair with one arm and wrapped the other one around me.  "Oh, Char." he was at a loss of words.  Liam would never be the one to cheat out of us all.  At least, that's we all thought.  "Where are they?" Louis asked.  "In my room.  I was just trying to get them to stop fighting with each other.  And get along." I sighed.  "Well, they're getting along great it seems." Louis said.  Can he never take anything seriously?  "Lou, not the time for jokes.  It'll all be alright Char." Zayn sat down on the couch next to Harry.  "Char...I-I can explain." Liam and Kay burst into the room.  "Look who finally decided to show up.  What the hell do you think you were doing?" Zayn asked as he and Louis stood in front of Liam.

Kay kept quiet.  Niall and Maddy were on the other side of the room, neither of them had said anything.  Skye and Hanna must've gone home.  "Then explain.  I'm sure everyone here would love to hear this." I said sarcastically, wiping away tears on my cheek.  "I'm sorry Char." Liam looked down.  "I'm not excepting your apology.  That doesn't make everything okay." I tried to focus my eyes on something other than Liam.  It hurts so much to be saying this.  "I trusted you, and I gave you my everything.  You decided to go and kiss Kay.  You made the choice it's your life.  I'm just not in it anymore.  Goodbye Liam." I said, and started crying again.  "Char." Liam tried to speak.  "Liam.  You heard her.  Leave." Niall stood from the couch.  "You should be talking.  You haven't told Maddy yet have you?" Liam didn't go anywhere.  "Tell me what?" Maddy asked curiously.  "Oh nothing.  Just that your little Niall over here had practically a make out session with Char on Saturday morning." Liam smirked.

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