3rd POV:

Charley got home not long after after Katie went to sleep. Charley silently went upstairs and he silently opens up Katie's door and to see that she is asleep with her earbuds in her ears, signalling that she is listening to music while she is sleeping. That's when Charley got to thinking.

Was Ed right about Jerry?

Charley wasn't oblivious with the looks that Jerry was throwing Katie's way, and he needs to protect Katie by making her stay away from Jerry.

Speaking of Ed, he just ran into Mark while he was on his skateboard. He manages to lose sight of him by jumping over the fences to yard to yard. Once Ed notices that he made Mark lose sight of him, Ed turns and runs into a body. Ed looked up and it was Jerry, who was looking at him with a steely expression. "Shit!" Ed hissed as he got up. "You back the fuck up! I'm armed! I know how to use this thing!" Ed growled as he knocked on the door, hoping that someone would answer. Once Ed knows that nobody's coming, he grabs a paint bucket and chucks it at the door, making the glass shatter. Ed enters the house and he knows that Jerry can't come in without an invitation, but Ed didn't know that a vampire doesn't need an invitation when it comes to abandoned houses.

"Forget it, Jerry. No invitation. You can't get in." Ed said with a smirk, which falters when Jerry steps into the house with a smirk on the vampire's face. "Oh, shit." Ed muttered. "Abandoned. I thought you did your homework. You've been watching me. I've been watching you, like I've been watching her. It seems fair." Jerry said and Ed's eyes widened.

The her is none other than one of his best friends, Katie Brewster.

He knows that Jerry has been watching Katie for a little while now and he has video evidence for proof. With that, Ed runs up the stairs and runs into one of the rooms of the abandoned houses as Jerry comes up the stairs, whistling ominously. He sniffs the air, hoping to get Ed's scent while Ed goes into the bathroom and locks the door.

Ed opens up the window and he gets out of the bathroom and onto the roof. He carefully gets off of the roof and his foot landed the wrong way. Meanwhile, he doesn't know that Jerry was sitting on one of the lawn chairs. "That look like it hurt." Jerry said, and that obviously scared Ed and he tripped over some lawn furniture and landed in the pool. "You bit off more than you can chew." Jerry stated as he was walking towards the pool. "It's too late! I told people what you are. You've been made!" Ed said. "And you think that anyone's going to believe you." Jerry said. "Don't play that crap, don't play that mind shit with me. I'm serious. Try me." Ed hissed.

"Okay." Jerry started as he steps into the pool. "You say you're glad you're different." he started. "Get back!" Ed yelled. "How can you be in a place like this? These people, even your best friend, you're nothing to him now." Jerry said. Ed wants to deny it, but sadly, it was the truth. "No." Ed whispered. "You were born for this. And you know it. It's a gift." Jerry added. "At least leave Katie alone." Ed said, weakly. "Oh, you know I can't do that." Jerry said. A stray tear went down Ed's face as Jerry bites into his neck.

The last thought that Ed had before turning into a vampire is that he hopes that Charley isn't to ignorant about his own flesh and blood's life.

Katie's POV:

I went outside to the driveway and I saw the dumpster being hauled. "Good on his word, am I right?" my mom asked me. "Oh, yeah." I replied. "Hey, Mrs. Brewster, hey Katie." Amy greeted as she got out of her Volkswagen Beetle. I gave Amy my usual small smile. "Hey you." my mom greeted. "Is Charley up yet?" she asked. I just shrugged. I know that Charley is awake, but ever since what he did yesterday, I kind of have been giving him the silent treatment. "You try. My voice seems to be some frequency that he can't hear." my mom replied. "Charley!" Amy yelled up. "Coming." I heard Charley reply.

"I'll see you later." I said as I put my backpack in my car. "But school doesn't start..." Amy started, but I cut her off. "Bye. Can't be late." I said as I got into my car and put the key in the ignition before driving off to school. I was now in my Calculus class and the teacher is giving out the usual roll call.

"Brad Thompson?"


"Elliot Turner?"


"Erin Holmes?"


"Ed Lee? Edward Lee?"

When I didn't hear Ed call out, my gut had this weird feeling that something was up. I turned and Ed wasn't even in his seat. Maybe he's sick or something.

Then, I realized that Ed, Adam, and I have perfect attendance records.

I shook that feeling off as I continued on with school.

Charley's POV:

Now, something is up because when I didn't see Ed in class, something is wrong because both Adam, Ed, and Katie have perfect attendance records. Ever since what happened over at Adam's house, Katie has been ignoring me. I was about to ask her if she would come with me to Ed's house, but my mom told me that Katie has been working late shift at the mall for like the next month or two.

I had made it over to Ed's house and rang the doorbell. I was greeted by Mrs. Lee. "Charley!" she greeted me, kindly. "Hey, Mrs. Lee." I greeted back. "What a nice surprise. Come in." she said and I went into the house. "Rick, Charley's here." she said to her husband. "This looks great." I said. "Thank you." she said as she gave me a hug. "Look at you. So handsome!" she complimented as Mr. Lee came over to me. "Hey. Ed said you really sprouted up. Look at you. How's it going?" Mr. Lee asked. "Ed's going to be so sorry he missed you." Mrs. Lee said.

Wait, Ed wasn't even in class.

"Oh, he's not here?" I asked. "No. He leaves early." Mr. Lee said. "Um...do you mind if I run upstairs and...there's a book that we need?" I asked, smoothly lying. "Of course. Make yourself at home." Mrs. Lee said as I went upstairs.

I went up to Ed's room and it was pitch dark. There was a little bit of sunshine coming through the window, but most of it is covered by the window curtains. He has posters all up in his room and I opened his notebook that has a vampire checklist of: wooden stakes, holy water, holy crosses, rosary beads, garlic, bible, leather neck guard, wooden spear, water guns (soakers), flashlights, mirrors, torch, and torch fuel, and as I look further into his notebook, there was drawings on how to construct a cross stake, a torch stake, and a stake gun.

Ed seems very serious about Jerry being a vampire.

"Oh, man." I muttered. I look onto his computer and it was on Peter Vincent's website. "Peter Vincent. Welcome to Fright Night." the announcer said, but I closed the page. I looked over at a folder that is named 'The Jerry Diaries'. I clicked on the folder and there was a bunch of videos on there. I clicked on the video that is labeled 'Dumpster'. "Oh, Adam. Here he comes. You see? You see what I'm saying?" I heard Ed say. On the video, it looks like someone has been pushing the wheelbarrow towards the dumpster.

But the problem is, there is no one pushing the dumpster and it looks like it was pushing itself and I think the person who was pushing the wheelbarrow was Jerry.

"He's a guy with a wheelbarrow. The horror." I heard Adam say, sarcastically. "Don't be a dick. You know what I'm trying to prove." I hear Ed say and the video was finished.

Then, I clicked on the video that is labeled Jerry_arriving. "There. That's his truck." Ed said. In the video, it looks like Jerry's truck was driving itself. "Fuck! Fuck me! Oh, he didn't look." Ed hissed. Then it looks like the door to Jerry's truck had opened and then closed by itself. "That's him right there, Adam. He does not show up in the video. He's so nailed. So nailed." Ed said and the video was over.

I close the video and I saw a video that looks suspicious. The file name is 'Katie' and I opened the video. The video starts out when I saw Katie's car go up our driveway. "It's just Katie's car. What's the problem with that?" I hear Adam ask. "Dude, just shut up. Look." I hear Ed hiss out. I saw the front door to Jerry's door opened and closed. "Wait, is he looking at Katie?" I hear Adam say. "Yeah. It's like he's stalking her." Ed said and the video is over. I close out of the video as a stray tear went down my face.

Our neighbor has been stalking my sister and she has no idea about it.  

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