Finding Her

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Chapter 28

(Sara's P.O.V)

I watched as Tegan's face turned to shock as I told her those words. "Sara we can't just leave and go to Cincinnati! We don't even know where she lives!" Tegan exclaimed, but I could see the hope in her eyes. "We can and we are. We're going to go back to your house and you're going to sleep while I try to find her. How hard can it really be?" I asked as I watched her shrug.

I smiled as I put my arm over her shoulders and lead her out of the studio. I knew that she was physically drained from today and would fall asleep in the car. Which she needed.

I've never seen her this bad after a breakup. Yes, she's been upset but never for this long. She's usually her cheery self after a couple of months so I never expected her to be upset for four months straight. When I first saw her after two months of not allowing me to see her I was shocked. Her hair was a mess, her eyes were bloodshot and had bags under them, and her voice was hoarse. I've never seen her like that and it scared me. I thought that she would never sing again.

When she accepted this interview I thought that she would actually start to go back to her old self again but when she walked off stage, I lost hope. So I did what every caring sister would do and helped her. She obviously wasn't going to get her back herself so I was going to help her any way that I could.

I smiled as I looked over at Tegan as I buckled my seatbelt to find her already passed out in the seat next to me. I giggled and shook my head as I thought about how I was going to find Alex.

I wondered how she was doing.... Does she already have a new girlfriend? Or is she still heartbroken like Tegan is? What kind of job does she have? All those thoughts ran through my head as the car drove off towards Tegan's house.

After a few hours we arrived there as I woke up Tegan and lead her into the house. After ten minutes of protest, I allowed Tegan to sleep on the couch next to me as I stayed awake to research Alex.

Tom sat next to me as I looked on the computer for the Cincinnati phone book. If Alex's mother and father had a home phone then we would be able to see the address and quickly find them.


Four hours.

Four hours later and we still couldn't find any information on them.

My eyes hurt from staring at the computer screen but I wasn't going to give up. Tegan was stirring in her sleep and whimpering Alex's name once and awhile and that was killing me to hear. I couldn't take it anymore. I was about to just give up and slam the computer closed when I found Carter Woods on FaceBook. I gasped and clicked on the profile and felt my heart skip a beat as I saw his profile picture.

A picture of him and Alex at the beach when she was younger.


I yelled, jumping off of the couch and putting the computer on the coffee table. Tegan fell to the floor from my sudden outburst and scrambled to get to her feet. "What are you yelling about?!" She shouted as Tom ran into the room from the kitchen. "I... I found her! Him! I found him!" I yelled, pointing to the computer.

Tegan went over to the coffee table and gasped as she stared at the screen. I heard her mumble something before running her fingers down the screen longingly. "Where is she?" She asked with so much hope I didn't know if she was going to cry or smile.

"I dont know but I'll look. Tom get us tickets to Cincinnati, Ohio and hurry. It won't take me long to find the address." I commanded as I picked the computer up again. Tegan sat close to me as Tom got on the phone to get the tickets.

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