Chapter 3: Jealousy

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Buttercup's P.o.v

Brute stopped the car and we got out. We walked to the door and made our way pasted people till, we made it to Hot Topic. We entered and saw tons of cool things, band t-shirts, jewelry, and other stuff. I started walking to the counter , Brute told me she wanted to look around . I continued and saw some girl at the register .

" Hey, I was wondering if you guys were hiring anybody for an opening?" I asked

" Yeah totally! I just need to get my boss, do you mind be getting him for a sec?" she asked.

"Not at all, go ahead." I said leaning on the counter.

Brute came walking up to me with two pairs of leather fingerless gloves chains hanging from them, two slipknot t-shirts, two leather jackets and  a necklace with two parts " Crazy & Bitch" written on it.

" Did you get the job yet?" she asked putting the stuff on the counter.

" I didn't even see the manger yet, B."I smirked.

A tall man with black hair, blue eyes,  and a white smile walked two us. He didn't look to bad, and I know Brute saw it too.

" Hi there, I heard someone wanted a job!" he said with a great big smile.

" That would be me." I said shaking his hand.

" JJ , nice to meet you, and you are?" he asked

" Buttercup, nice to meet you too. I'm guessing your the owner right?"

" Yep, that's me! So, is it alright if I ask you a few questions, Buttercup?"

" No problem, by the way, just call me Bc."

" Ok, what's your favorite band, Is your favorite store Hot Topic, and why do you want this job?" He asked.

Why did he need to know this stuff? I don't know, but I need the job.

" Three Days Grace, yes, and I need money so I get leave my father's house." I said

" I know the feeling, and guess what..." he asked

Me and Brute looked at each other puzzled 

" You get the job!" he said lifting his hand for a high five.

I raised my hand and slapped it with his, as a smile appeared on my face.

" By the way, you guys can keep this ." He motioned to the items on the counter. " You can start your shift next week on Monday, 6:00am to 8:00pm".

" Alright boss!" I said as me and Brute left the store.

" That was fucken awesome! We just got all this cool stuff for free!" Brute said giving me a pair of fingerless gloves, leather jacket and a the other half of the necklace. I got the one that said Bitch.  Brute kept both our shirts in the bag.

"I know right?! Do you wanna walk around a bit?" I asked slipping on the fingerless gloves and leather jacket, while she did the same.

" Sure, wanna get lunch?" she asked

" You know it!" I responded .

We walked around trying to fined something we wanted, then decided we wanted Taco Bell.

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