Chapter Nine - The Heat (of the moment) 🌚( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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Castiel crawled back into bed and curled up under the covers, grunting slightly in annoyance and muttering to himself angrily about 'that stupid alpha'. Dean bit his lip and began getting undressed, completely embarrassed by what had just happened. That news would get out by morning came and he would officially be named the alpha that couldn't control his omega, or the alpha whose omega was more of an alpha than himself. 

Dean slipped into the sheets beside Castiel and looked at the lump of sheets beside him. He made no move to touch Castiel and sighed as he rolled over onto his side with his back towards the omega before slowly but surely passing out into a deep sleep.


There was an overpowering smell filling his nostrils that made Dean jump awake. The smell made the Alphas eyes and mouth water. A second later he notices that the room was boiling hot, as if the fire had been burning through the night. 

Another second later, Dean realised that it was actually only around six in the morning. Way too early to be even awake, let alone getting up. The smell was distracting, and it made Dean wonder if Castiel was cooking anything in the kitchen. But it wasn't that kind of smell. Sure, it smelt like fresh pancakes smothered in chocolate and a freshly cooked smoked turkey dinner with gravy. But it wasn't exactly that, there was something else in it. Something that made Dean's pupils puff out and dilate until there was hardly any iris left. 

That's when Dean notices the covers next to him moving around, wriggling and groaning uncomfortably. It was Castiel, still fast asleep and unknowing that the bed was slowly getting soaked in sweat and slick. Finally, Dean realises what was happening.

He had never moved so quick, jumping up out of the bed and running so fast out of the room that he knocked a stand and a gas lamp over, it smashing on the floor. Dean slammed the door shut and breathed in and out deeply. It was no use though, the more he woke up, the stronger the smell was getting. 

It was so overpowering, Dean was stepping back away from the door and towards the locked doors of the compartment. That's when he heard howling and barking from outside. He looked at the wooden doors with a confused look and stepped towards it, reaching his hand out.

"DEAN!" A voice he recognised screamed from through the doors and Dean jumped back in surprise.

"Sam?! What is going on?" He went to go and open the door.

"UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES OPEN THAT DOOR!" Sam shouted. "Don't let anybody in, they can all smell him."

"Who? Cas?!" Dean asked and Sam murmured a reply as he kicked a weak alpha dog who almost couldn't control himself. There were a few around and Beta's were standing guard outside the door, holding them off easily. Even though alpha's were stronger, they were too much in a daze and too desperate to be any real challenge to the warrior betas who stood straight, knives and wooden sticks in their hands to fight them off.

"Can people still smell it from outside?" Dean called out, holding his nose to try and block out some of the smell.

"Yeah, it's pretty strong. We can smell it but it's sending alphas crazy. I think it's because of him being an original omega and everything, the smell is a lot stronger then just an ordinary omega."

"Sam, i can't stay in here!" Dean begged and tried to open the door but Sam had barred it shut from the outside, knowing that Dean would want to run away.... again. 

"Don't be a pussy, Dean." Was the last thing Sam said before another voice came, this time from behind Dean.

"What's going on?"

Dean spun around quickly, backing away from Castiel until his back was up against the door. His hands were raised in defence and he shook his head, trying to hold his breath to block the smell. Castiel looked kind of rough. There was sweat clinging to the omega's forehead, his chest, shoulders and cheeks were blushed crimson red and his eyes were droopy, as if he looked tired and hadn't slept a wink. He leaned against the bedroom door frame and breathed heavily as he gazed at Dean wilfully, almost as if he couldn't get his eyes to focus. 

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